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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Connecticut: David X. Sullivan — ‘I’m a Rule of Law Candidate’

Republican David X. Sullivan says he wants voters in the fifth district of Connecticut to know he sees a marked difference between peaceful protests and the rioting and killing happening in many cities across the nation as he challenges Joe Biden surrogate Rep. Jahana Hayes (D-CT). “I’m a ‘rule of law’ candidate,” Sullivan told Breitbart…

Convicted Killer Arrested for Rape After Being Released from Prison

A convicted murderer has been arrested for rape after being released from prison to a halfway house in Hartford, Connecticut. Anthony Smith, 42-years-old, was arrested this week after he had been released to live in a halfway house following a 25-year prison sentence for felony murder, according to the Hartford Courant. Smith, police said, was…

Housing Market Booms In New York City Suburbs As People Flee Coronavirus Epicenter

The housing market outside New York City boomed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, according to area real estate agents. Prospective homebuyers had to move quickly as demand skyrocketed amid the panic, one potential buyer told the Wall Street Journal. Greenwich, Connecticut, was one area that experienced a surge of activity on the market,…

Connecticut Protesters Demand New Haven Police Be ‘Defunded’

Protesters in New Haven, Connecticut, Friday demanded the state defund the city’s police force and the money be redirected to city schools and affordable housing. “We want the police to be defunded, that’s the goal,” said Benie Nsumbu, a member of Citywide Youth Coalition, reported the Hartford Courant. The group led a march and rally,…

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont Delays Opening Salons to Align with Rhode Island Governor

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D) said Monday he was pulling back hair salons and barbershops from reopening in the state on Wednesday, May 20, in order to align with Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo (D). Lamont said hair salons and barbershops would not open now until the target date of June 1. NBC CT reported:…

Report: Connecticut Woman Sparks Deadly Fire Using Hand Sanitizer as Molotov Cocktail

Destiny Waite allegedly set fire to her Hartford, Connecticut, apartment building on Monday using a “molotov cocktail” fueled by hand sanitizer. The 28-year-old responded to a “domestic verbal and physical altercation” with her girlfriend by igniting a bottle of hand sanitizer and throwing it at her. The fire sparked by that bottle spread throughout the building,…

Police K-9 Rewarded with Egg McMuffin for Tracking Down Four Suspects

A police K-9 received a delicious reward after tracking down four suspects who eluded police officers the night before in Branford, Connecticut. In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the Branford Police Department praised Arrow for his efforts in locating the men who had run from police officers. “Last night K-9 Arrow assisted our neighbors in…

5 Senior Citizens Caught Having Sex With 85-Year-Old Woman

August 21, 2019 6:34 PM ET A total of six seniors citizens are facing charges for engaging in lewd activities at a conservation area in Connecticut. As report by the Associated Press, police confirmed that five men and one 85-year-old woman were apprehended earlier this month for having sex at the Grae Richardson conservation area…

Police Stopped What Could Have Been 3 Mass Shootings In A Single Weekend Across...

August 19, 2019 5:50 PM ET Police arrested three men in their 20s after receiving tips that revealed their interests in carrying out mass shootings. The men were from Connecticut, Florida and Ohio, respectively. Two of the shooters had access to a large number of weapons and ammunition in their homes. Police stopped three potential…

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