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Jon Voight: Gov. Gavin Newsom a ‘Disgrace to Mankind’ Pushing ‘Chaos, Confusion’ on Children

Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight posted a two-part video on Tuesday addressing California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) recent legislation requiring “gender neutral retail departments” in toy stores to prevent distinguishing toys based on gender, calling the governor a “disgrace to mankind” while accusing him of giving “our rights to the devil” and pushing “chaos and…

Justice Alito Slams ‘False and Inflammatory’ Atlantic Article on Texas Pro-Life Law

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito hit back at the far-left The Atlantic during a speech at the University of Notre Dame on Thursday for publishing a reportedly “false and inflammatory” article about the court’s handling of the Texas Heartbeat Act. The article, which was written by Adam Serwer and published on September 2, accused the Republican-majority Supreme Court of…

John Varoli: COVID-19 and Me, 18 Months Together. A Letter.

Meet John Varoli. He writes on Medium (or rather, he was writing on Medium until today.) He describes his work in this way: “Thanks for the interest in my article, which was originally published on my Medium account that I’ve had for over a year and which previously solely dealt with topics related to both American and Russian history. Given…

White House openly collaborating with Facebook to censor free speech [Video]

This is outrageous, and also clever, since Congress made no laws concerning the freedom of the press by Seraphim Hanisch July 17, 2021 275 Views 5 Votes 2 Comments The Press Secretary for the White House, Jen Psaki, openly declared that the Chief Executive’s office is collaborating with Facebook to censor COVID-19 dissenters on that…

Ted Cruz tries to PREVENT Biden from enacting Vaccine Passports [Video]

This is truly the bonanza year or two for leftists. They got several wonderful gifts starting around January of 2020. They got the novel coronavirus, our all-too-familiar COVID-19. They got civil unrest. They got lockdowns. They already had a massive percentage of the American population thinking they are victims. They have had massive success in…

An American Samizdat comes to life as Gab grows [Video]

We cannot provide a video directly related to this news piece, perhaps because YouTube would refuse to publish such material. It is dangerous, they would say, and they would go so far as to say that it would “foment racism, hate and bigotry.” But this is all a lie. We are talking about Gab, the newest and…

FACT CHECK: Have Schools Stopped Teaching Cursive To Prevent Students From Reading Founding Documents?

A viral video shared on Facebook claims schools stopped teaching cursive to students in order to prevent them from reading founding documents such as the Constitution. Verdict: False There is no evidence cursive was removed from school curricula to prevent children from reading founding documents. The Constitution and other founding documents are available online in…

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: How Much Ruin Do We Have Left?

As Americans know from their own illustrious history, any nation’s well-being hinges on only a few factors. Its prosperity, freedom and overall stability depend on its constitutional and political stability. A secure currency and financial order are also essential, as is a strong military. Perhaps most important is a first-rate inductive educational system. Of course,…

Joe Biden Declares ‘No Amendment to the Constitution Is Absolute’ in Gun Control Speech

President Joe Biden declared Thursday that “no amendment is absolute” while unveiling a series of executive actions targeting American citizens’ Second Amendment rights. “Today, we’re taking steps to confront not just the gun crisis, but what is actually a public health crisis,” Biden announced in a speech at the White House’s Rose Garden, claiming: “Nothing,…

Pushback against Biden begins, but American will appears weak [Video]

The United States is rapidly sliding from strength and nationhood to a Woke Dystopia of rampant and self-destructive Marxism and leftism. Nowhere is this more clear than the policy changes regarding illegal immigration across the nearly 2,000 mile border between the United States and Mexico. For all of 2020, the Border Patrol and ICE apprehended…
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