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Friday, August 19, 2022
cancellation-wave-continues,-china-leasing-firm-scraps-boeing-737-max order

Cancellation Wave Continues, China Leasing Firm Scraps Boeing 737 MAX Order

As thousands of Boeing employees head back to work in the Puget Sound region over the last week, the Washington-based aircraft manufacturer has noticed a string of recent cancellations of the grounded 737 MAX jet.   Last Tuesday (April 14), Boeing announced a total of 150 MAX cancellations in March, including 75 previously reported from Irish leasing company…

US Continues Crackdown On Huawei, Adds Racketeering Conspiracy Charge

One would think that with the US and China now in a trade war truce, tensions over the key pawn in the global tech war, China's telecom giant Huawei would finally be easing. One would be wrong. According to Bloomberg, as part of the ongoing crackdown on Huawei, the US has now added a charge…

Market Continues “Euphoric” Advance As 3500 Becomes Next Target

Authored by Lance Roberts via RealInvestmentAdvice.com, Market Continues Euphoric Advance In last week’s missive, I discussed a couple of charts which suggested the markets are pushing limits which have previously resulted in fairly brutal reversions. This week, the market pushed those deviations even further as the S&P 500 has now pushed into 3-standard deviation territory above the…

The Race For The Moon Continues

On July 21, 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first men to set foot on the moon. Ten more Apollo astronauts followed in their footsteps until 1972 but since then, no human has set foot on Earth’s closest companion in space. Fifty years later, the race for the moon is starting anew with several…

Carmageddon Continues: EU Car Registrations Crater In June

The global automotive collapse continues, denting the narrative of the "strong consumer", as countries again posted poor YOY comps despite the industry starting to show signs of shakiness during mid-2018. The China/U.S. trade war and global economies that have slipped into recession have played a role in one of the largest global slowdowns in the…

Carmageddon Continues: Recent Automobile Gross sales Fall To “Horribly Feeble” 1999 Phases

The auto industry continues to look like a bursting bubble in progress and all around sad state of affairs, despite low rates and the "prosperity" of the stock market hitting new all time highs. Meanwhile, under the surface of those numbers, the actual economy - especially in autos - is telling a different story. New vehicle deliveries,…

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