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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Joe Biden Repeats Broken Promise Not to Use Government to Help His Family’s Business...

Former Vice President Joe Biden told CNN’s Jake Tapper that he would avoid conflicts between his family’s business interests and his job as president — a promise he failed to honor during the Obama-Biden administration. As Breitbart News contributor Peter Schweizer has demonstrated, several of Biden’s family members have used his position to gain access…

🔴 Astonishing Evidence of Election Fraud: Pennsylvania State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020...

Right Side Broadcasting Network Pennsylvania State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election: horrifying evidence of systemic electoral fraud in Pennsylvania!  The main stream media censor the hearing from the American people.   Wednesday, November 25, 2020: At the request of Senator Doug Mastriano, the Senate Majority Policy Committee is holding a public hearing Wednesday…

How low can Australian MSM go?

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🔴 How low can Australian gov go?

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Emails linking Joe Biden to Ukrainian corruption appears to be official “October Surprise” [Video]

When the first news came out in the New York Post that a laptop computer left by an inebriated Hunter Biden contained e-mails implicating Hunter’s father, Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden, as having lied about having no involvement with Ukraine, it was difficult to ascertain if this story was going to take off. We published…

Biden, Corruption, And Ukraine’s Election Interference Against Trump

Authored by Thomas Farnan via TheNationalPulse.com, In 2014, the Obama administration assigned Joe Biden to oversee Ukraine policy.  From that position he likely received a portion of the payola his son Hunter extracted from Burisma, one of the country’s largest energy companies, for firing an unfriendly prosecutor. The political operation, though, was bigger than just…

Swamp Watch: The Bidens and Ukraine

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The Hunter Biden Laptop Find

The announcement by the New York Post and a certain Mr Giuliani that a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden had been abandoned in a Delaware computer repair shop was greeted by the mainstream media with extreme skepticism. Such skepticism is always warranted when scandalous or salacious allegations are made against public figures, but it beggars…

Fox reports Twitter and Facebook silenced Hunter Biden bombshell, CNN – crickets [Video]

Anybody ever doubting that American news is managed ought to be able to see that this is the case today. Consider these three splash pages, whose screenshots were taken within seven minutes of one another at 01:30AM Eastern Daylight Time, October 15, 2020: First let’s look at CBS News, a major network prone to fits…

US Senate Committee shows Biden corruption known to Democrats [Video]

Well, it was a long time coming, and probably nobody expected this. In May of this year, Ukraine made it official: Joe Biden got listed as a criminal suspect for his quid pro quo, a.k.a. bribe (at least in a political sense) of US 1$ billion in exchange for the firing of a prosecutor investigating…
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