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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Calling All Patriots: Will Democrats Pack The Courts If Biden Is Elected?

October 13, 2020 11:34 PM ET Calling all Patriots! We want to hear from YOU to help shape our coverage. Our Patriots are the most loyal readers of the Daily Caller, and we want to make sure we’re getting feedback about what we can do better, and what stories you’d like to see us covering.…

Agitated Biden tells reporter, ‘Americans don’t deserve to know’ if he will pack Supreme...

****News Topic 83***** Now Biden Says Filling Ginsburg Seat ‘Not Constitutional’ – And Americans Don’t ‘Deserve To Know’ If He’ll Pack Court “Bonehead Idea” – Biden Once Said ‘Packing The Supreme Court’ Would Be A “Terrible, Terrible Mistake” In a rather stunning admission of malarkey, Joe Biden told a group of so-called ‘reporters’ this week,…

Dick Durbin Avoids Question From Chuck Todd About Court Packing

October 11, 2020 5:32 PM ET Democratic Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin avoided a question from NBC anchor Chuck Todd about Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden packing the courts with ideological allies if he wins and Democrats win the Senate. While Biden expressed his opposition to the idea of court packing while campaigning in 2019 and…

Ben Sasse Accuses Biden Of Refusing To Address The ‘Suicide Bombing Of Two Branches...

October 11, 2020 3:19 PM ET Republican Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse said Sunday that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was refusing to address the “suicide bombing of two branches of government.” Pointing to Biden’s refusal to answer questions about whether he’d support packing the Supreme Court or ending the Senate filibuster, Sasse told “Fox News…

‘You’re Not Being Straight With Me’: Chris Wallace Challenges Chris Coons For Changing The...

“Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace challenged Democratic Delaware Sen. Chris Coons on his assertion that Republicans were already packing the court. Wallace specifically asked Coons to weigh in on the idea of adding justices to the Supreme Court, and the Delaware Senator pivoted to argue that the Trump administration’s focus on filling judicial vacancies…

Exclusive — Pence: ‘Outrageous’ Biden Claims Americans Do Not ‘Deserve’ to Know Court Packing...

THE VILLAGES, Florida — Vice President Mike Pence told Breitbart News exclusively after a rally with thousands that it is “outrageous” that former Vice President Joe Biden claimed earlier that the American public does not “deserve” to know his position on court-packing before the election. “It is outrageous that a candidate for the highest office…

Biden delivers DUMBEST response yet to court-packing question

Alex, I beg you to stop referring to the neoliberal/neocon DNC and its party as “the progressive left.” It may have been that decades ago, but it has evolved into the exact opposite. “In the 21st century, a movement that identifies as progressive is “a social or political movement that aims to represent the interests…

Joe Biden Dodges Question About Packing the Court — Again

Former Vice President Joe Biden continued to dodge questions about “packing” the Supreme Court again Wednesday, insisting that the question is a distraction — even though liberals are clamoring to expand the court to add left-wing justices. Democrats and liberal activist groups have been talking openly since 2019 about expanding the Court as the only…

Pinkerton: The Democrats’ Long History of Trying to Pack the Supreme Court

Democrats Talk Tough Rep. Joe Kennedy III, Democrat of Massachusetts, got right to the point when he tweeted on September 19, “If he holds a vote in 2020, we pack the court in 2021. It’s that simple.” Kennedy was saying that if Donald Trump nominates a candidate for the Supreme Court vacancy left by the…
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