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Monday, July 26, 2021

COVID Vaccine Makers Prepare For Long Legal Battle As US Backs IP Waiver

Now that Germany has broken with the US over the question of whether to back a waiver for COVID vaccine IP that's been proposed at the WTO, pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer that were planning on COVID-19 vaccines becoming a permanent revenue stream are seeing their opportunities for profit threatened. The proposal would require the support…

New US COVID Cases Tumble Despite 25% Drop In Daily Vaccinations

Following almost two months of roughly flat-lining new Covid cases in the US, we are now again seeing clear signs of new improvement despite a notable slowdown in covid immunizations.In recent days, many in the administration and its media propaganda arm, have tried to spook the broader population with scary stories that the recent pace…

Anybody else this fed up with liberal nuttery? [Video]

So, America, it has been almost four months. How is life under President We-Don’t-Really-Know-Who-Is-in-Charge? Gary Franchi, the owner and anchor of the Next News Network, one of the better alternative news sites, appeared to reach his limit during his video broadcast about the propaganda tactics employed by embattled Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer. While his analysis…

3rd Dose Of Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine “Likely” Needed To Combat Mutant COVID Strains, CEO...

As American waits for the CDC to finish a review of blood-clotting risks associated with Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourlas has warned reporters that recipients of the Pfizer vaccine - the most widely distributed jab in the US - will "likely" need to receive a third "booster" shot within 12 months…

Kill The Bill Protest in UK is one more step to full control

It’s interesting how our society is changing. How quickly it happens and how extreme the changes are. Think about it, we never thought something like a lockdown or social distancing would ever take place in our lives. All this never felt like reality. I saw many articles about how COVID has changed our lives, how…

Biden Opens The Southern Border To The Brazilian Covid Virus Strain

Mixed message: Biden touts progress on COVID-19 while CDC chief warns of ‘impending doom’ “I’m going to reflect on the recurring feeling I have of impending doom…” says CDC chief source The CDC Chief is following in Cuomo’s Covid acting career, will she be the next next Emmy Award Winner?  “I’m going to pause here,…

COVID Spread Worsens For 5th Week As India Tops 12MM Cases; England’s Reopening Begins

While the biggest COVID-19 story on Monday was the new CDC director's unhinged warning about her feelings of "impending doom" during a virtual house briefing, it's worth noting that the pace of new COVID cases globally has been accelerating for five weeks as a new wave.First off, the CDC has extended the pandemic eviction moratorium,…

US COVID Cases Rising At Fastest Pace Since January As “Third Wave” Goes Global

The COVID "third wave" that first drew attention in Europe has moved beyond the Continent's borders, and is officially afflicting India, South America and  many fear that soon it will come for the US.And it's not just new cases (which some have pointed out might be due to overly sensitive PCR testing picking up bits…

WHO Says COVID Origins Will Be Found “Within A Few Years”

In continuing the 12 month long stand up comedy act that the World Health Organization has been putting on (this is the organization who first told us there was no human to human Covid transmission, before then telling us we didn't need to use masks, before taking a year to investigate Covid's origins in China,…

COVID Will Fade, But…

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via The Daily Reckoning blog,The absence of the big orange You-Know-Who at center stage of American life has changed the mood of the scene from a five-alarm fire to just another day in a collapsing civilization.As long as he remains healthy, and evades assassin’s bullets, Mr. Trump will go after…
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