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Thursday, October 28, 2021
new-york-city’s mta-crisis-could-be-“catastrophic”-for-housing-market 

New York City’s MTA Crisis Could Be “Catastrophic” For Housing Market 

Readers may recall New York City's MTA proposed drastic transit cuts and higher fares after losing an astonishing $200 million per week after a collapse in ridership following the virus pandemic. As a result, the transit authority is preparing for a "doomsday scenario" to include a 40% reduction in service for both commuter trains and busses, a move that would result…

The COVID Crisis Supercharged The War On Cash, Part 1

Authored by Claudio Grass, The corona crisis has already taken a very high toll and caused deep damage in our societies and our economies, the extent of which is yet to become apparent. We have seen its impact on productivity, on unemployment, on social cohesion and on political division. However, there is another very worrying…

The COVID Crisis Canceled Many Graduation Speeches. Thank Goodness…

Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute, Thanks to the COVID-19 panic this year, graduates at America's institutions of higher education missed the "opportunity" to be lectured by some celebrity or politician about the importance of wanting a better world, or how racism is bad, or about how one should celebrate life. Indeed, those…

What If The Crisis Is One Without End… Like George Orwell’s Perpetual War

Submitted by Luke Eastwood Notions of Freedom We are living in strange times indeed, this crisis raises many questions about the nature of freedom and what our expectations are, or should be.  Everyone has their own notions about what freedom means and how far that should extend to oneself and indeed, to everyone else. I…

Why A New Diplomatic Crisis With China Is Critical For Trump If He Wants...

Amid all the discussion of whether (or not) it is time to reopen the economy, and take the potential risk of a second wave of infections and deaths resulting in what could be a far more devastating second shutdown, one overlooked angle on the Corona-lockdowns as pointed out by Nordea's FX strategist Andreas Steno Larsen,…

Why This Crisis Is A Turning Point In History

Authored by John Gray via The New Statesman, The era of peak globalisation is over. For those of us not on the front line, clearing the mind and thinking how to live in an altered world is the task at hand... The deserted streets will fill again, and we will leave our screen-lit burrows blinking with…

As The Crisis Deepens, Keep An Eye On Illinois’ Unpaid Bills

Authored by Ted Dabrowski and John Klingner via Wirepoints.org, The depth of the financial and economic impact of the Coronavirus is impossible to predict since we don’t know how far the virus will spread or how long the economic shutdown will last. But we do know that pension shortfalls will jump, borrowing will increase and the…

Diamond Crisis Worsens As De Beers Signals Rough Times Ahead 

De Beers, the world's largest diamond miner, has seen plunging profit margins as the diamond crisis deepens in 2019 and set to worsen in 2020. We've been documenting the global diamond crisis that has unfolded in the last several several years.  De Beers has spent the back half of the year slashing diamond prices as global markets remained oversupplied…
the-next-shoe-in-the-farm-crisis-drops: bankruptcies-soar-24%

The Next Shoe In The Farm Crisis Drops: Bankruptcies Soar 24%

The American Farm Bureau (AFB) warned Wednesday that farm bankruptcies are entering a parabolic move.  The farm crisis, as we've pointed out, is only accelerating and will likely be on par with the farm disaster that was seen in the early 1980s. President Trump's farm bailouts, given to farmers earlier this year, appears to be failing at…

Bigger Bubble than ’08 Financial Crisis Set to Burst

Expert warns Fed’s next ‘solution’ won’t work “In case the people in this room didn’t know, the financial crisis of 2008, which I had been forecasting for some time, and the Great Recession that ensued, was caused predominantly by the Federal Reserve.”This was the opening line of Peter Schiff’s talk at the Las Vegas MoneyShow.The…
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