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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Crypto Rips, Dollar Dips, & Stocks Hit Record Highs As Americans’ Confidence Collapses

If the stock market is a "forward-looking" mechanism, then the future it sees is very, very different from the 'expectations' that the average American has about what's looming...Source: BloombergPut another way...On the week, The Dow outperformed (which has been relatively unusual) with Nasdaq breaking even and Small Caps tumbling. Notice that every day the cash…

Highlights From Gensler’s Talk On Crypto Regulation, And All Key Crypto Developments This Week

It was a busy week for cryptos on both the regulatory and corporate adoption front, but the highlight was the talk delivered on August 3 by SEC Chairman Gary Gensler who laid out his views on crypto at the Aspen Security Forum. Below, are the top takeaways (from JPM's Steven Alexopoulos):Gensler highlighted that the crypto…

Crypto Pops, Dollar Drops, Bonds & Stocks Chop

Before we get started on today's market malarkey, we would like to spend a moment of reflection - today is the 9th anniversary of Draghi's infamous "whatever it takes" moment...It appears to have worked... for stonk markets at least...Source: BloombergSince that date, bitcoin is up 454,000%!Source: BloombergCryptos grabbed all the headlines today as bitcoin surge…

Crypto Tumbles After SEC Chair Comments

Crypto markets just took a decent tumble as two headlines hit the wires at similar times.First we saw comments from the Biden administration that it would likely follow former President Trump's China investment ban policy.Then, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler told the House Financial Services committee that congress should consider regulating crypto exchanges.Most traders are pointing…

Crypto Analyst Releases Stock-To-Flow Model Indicator For Bitcoin Bull Run

Authored by Turner Wright via CoinTelegraph.com, Updating its popular BTC price model, crypto analyst PlanB predicts the cryptocurrency could see a rally to $100K by 2021. image courtesy of CoinTelegraph Crypto analyst PlanB released a key indicator for its stock-to-flow price prediction model which could signal a Bitcoin bull run to $100,000 by 2021 has…

Crypto, QEternity, & “We Won’t Know Hyperinflation’s Happening Until It’s Too Late”

Authored by Andrew Singer via CoinTelegraph.com, These are perilous times, and it hasn’t escaped anyone’s notice that the United States Federal Reserve is doing its part to alleviate the suffering — which began with the coronavirus pandemic and has spread to the global economy. It’s printing more money.  “There is an infinite amount of cash at the…

Billion-Dollar-A-Day Crypto Trading Firm Says It’s Now Taking Outside Money

Most crypto traders handling any kind of money know to take security seriously. One never knows what hackers, and sometimes even real-life kidnappers, are waiting on an opportunity to steal someone's crypto riches - especially if they have a reputation. With the stakes so high, big-time market participants have gone to great lengths to conceal…
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