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FACT CHECK: Does This Photo Show Fidel Castro Holding Justin Trudeau As A Baby?

An image shared on Facebook purports to show the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro holding Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a baby. Verdict: False The photo, taken in 1976, shows Castro holding Michel Trudeau, the younger brother of Justin Trudeau. Fact Check: A black-and-white photo of Castro holding a baby has been making the…

Gaffney: Peru’s Farewell to the Free World

Today is Peru’s independence day, ordinarily an occasion for great celebrations in one of Latin America’s most important nations. Tragically, this year’s anniversary may be the last to be celebrated by Peruvians in a democratic, increasingly prosperous and sovereign country. Think of it as a farewell party to the Free World. An election in June…

Watch: ‘I Voted for You’ – Cuban Americans Turn on Biden

Tensions rose in front of the White House Sunday as a small group of socialists in defense of the Cuban communist regime attempted to confront a peaceful assembly in support of the rights of Cuban people. Lilia Gort, who was participating in the much larger assembly against communism, came from Tampa, Florida, because, as she…

Florida Democrats Struggle with Cuba Messaging, Republicans Succeed

Florida Democrats have struggled to find the right messages for Cubans, now resorting to President Joe Biden’s Cuba stance as Florida Republicans excel by showing the urgency and importance of the protests. Since the beginning of the demonstrations in Cuba and across the United States, Floridians such as Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and Sen. Marco…

‘Time to End Plague of Communism’: Republicans Call for Criminal Tribunal of Human Rights...

More than 140 Republican lawmakers led by Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) sent a letter to the Organization of American States, the E.U., and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday demanding action against Cuba’s communist regime — including an international criminal tribunal. The letter read: After more…

Exclusive — Pompeo Explains How He and Trump Would Have Handled Cuba Better than...

DES MOINES, Iowa — Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Breitbart News exclusively that he and former President Donald Trump would have been much more forceful and aggressive with the Communist regime in Cuba in response to protests there as people rise up against the oppressive government, pushing for more freedom. “There would have…

Sen. Ted Cruz: I Want to See Sanders, Warren, AOC Get on a Raft...

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) railed against communists during a speech at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit on Sunday, noting that people only seem to flee communist-run countries for America, not the other way around. Cruz, who is Cuban American, said: [T]he thing that liberals never seem to understand if you go down to Key…

Child of Cuban Refugees: ‘If Communism Was So Great, Wouldn’t It Sustain Itself?’

A child of Cuban refugees, who joined hundreds outside the White House on Saturday to demand President Joe Biden aid protesters in the island nation, told Breitbart News that those taking to the streets are enduring “unbearable” oppression. “The Cuban people, we’re tired, they’re tired of the communist left, the suppression. The oppression that they…

Cuba Protesters Warn Americans Who Like Che Guevara: ‘He Was a F*cking Terrorist’

Protesters gathered outside of the White House on Thursday evening to urge President Joe Biden to act in support of the protests ongoing in Cuba this week told Breitbart News the mainstreaming of Castro regime mass murder Ernesto “Che” Guevara in America undermines the suffering of those he killed. Guevara, a wealthy Irish-Argentine communist who…

GOP Rep. Salazar: Castro Made ‘Same False Promise’ Left Makes Today, ‘Socialism Is Socialism’

During Saturday’s Republican Weekly Address, Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar (R-FL) said that Fidel Castro gave the Cuban people “the same false promise being brought to you today by liberal politicians, Hollywood, academia, and the legacy media.” And “Socialism is socialism” regardless of what word you put in front of it. Transcript as Follows:  “Today the…

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