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Lisa Boothe: Blame Dayton Deaths On Warren, Sanders If You Want To Pin Rhetoric...

August 08, 2019 4:55 PM ET Two journalists debated about who is to blame for mass shootings on Fox News Thursday, with one suggesting no one should be blamed for the attacks. Lisa Boothe, a contributor for Fox News, debated Judith Miller, a former New York Times reporter, on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom.” “So I…

Trump Protested in Dayton After Leftist Mass Shooting

President Donald J. Trump visited Dayton, Ohio, where was protested by scores of leftists after a rabid Antifa sympathizer shot and killed 9 people in a nightclub over the weekend. “Even as critics and protesters accused him of inflaming tensions with anti-immigrant and racially-charged rhetoric, Trump visited survivors, first responders and staff at Miami Valley Hospital…

Dayton & El Paso: Dismantling family and faith destroys society (Video)

RT CrossTalk host Peter Lavelle and The Duran’s Alex Christoforou discuss the the Dayton, Ohio shooting in which nine people and the suspect were killed, and the El Paso, Texas Walmart shooting where 22 people were killed before the gunman was taken alive. Remember to Please Subscribe to The Duran’s YouTube Channel. Follow The Duran…

Republican Rep Endorses ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban, Mag Restrictions

August 06, 2019 6:07 PM ET Ohio Republican Rep. Mike Turner announced Tuesday that he would support legislation that bans assault weapons and restricts magazine capacity. Turner claims he’s a “strong supporter of the Second Amendment,” but the alleged “carnage” that assault weapons cause is “intolerable.” He also endorses red flag laws, and claims legislation…

Ocasio-Cortez: Trump ‘Directly Responsible’ for El Paso Shooting

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Monday joined the chorus of Democrat lawmakers blaming President Donald Trump for the deadly shooting in El Paso, Texas, over the weekend, saying his discourse on immigration is “directly responsible” for the tragedy. The freshman congresswoman did not address how the Dayton, Ohio, shooter echoed her own controversial rhetoric on social media.…

Dayton Shooter: Satanist, Member of ANTIFA, Despised ICE, Interacted With Left-Wing Media Outlets

It should come as no surprise that the social media accounts of Dayton, Ohio, mass shooter and self-proclaimed Satan worshiper Connor Betts, were whitewashed from the internet shortly after the coward gunned down his own sister, killed 9 and injured 26 others early Sunday morning. Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl claimed Betts had no “bias…

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Compares Gun Ownership To Idol Worship, Dem Candidates: White Nationalism Plaguing...

Like clockwork, in the wake of two senseless mass shootings across the country a handful of Democratic Presidential hopefuls promptly called for immediate gun control. Mayor Pete Buttigieg, however, took it one step further by comparing gun ownership to the worshiping of a “false God.” Sunday morning, the South Bend, Indiana mayor was interviewed by…

Joe Biden Gives Condolences for ‘Houston’ and ‘Michigan’ After Shootings in El Paso, Ohio

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Former Vice President Joe Biden suffered yet another gaffe Sunday evening, mistakenly referring to Houston and Michigan as the sites of two mass shootings over the weekend. Speaking at a fundraiser in San Deigo, California, Biden gave remarks on “the tragic events in Houston today and also in Michigan the day before.” Only…

After Shootings, Donald Trump Proposes Gun Background Checks and Immigration Reform

President Donald Trump proposed Monday that Congress pass a bill that united more background checks for guns and immigration reform in the wake of the mass shootings in Ohio and Texas over the weekend. “Republicans and Democrats must come together and get strong background checks, perhaps marrying this legislation with desperately needed immigration reform,” Trump…

Dayton Shooter Was A Pro-Satan Leftist Who Supported Warren, Sanders, Antifa And Communism

It has been a tumultuous weekend for the country, which suffered two consecutive mass shootings over the last 48 hours in both El Paso and Dayton.  And while the media was eager to quickly expose the El Paso shooter as a right-wing extremist with the implication that he is merely following Trump's belligerent rhetoric, only…

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