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Thursday, August 18, 2022

SHEFFIELD: Even Democrats Used To Know Raising Taxes During A Recession Is Bad. What...

During a recession is precisely not the time to raise taxes — even Democrats used to believe that. In the past, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Janet Yellen, Sen. Joe Manchin, and former President Barack Obama all warned about the dangers of raising taxes during a recession. But that was then, this is now.Today, Democrats are trying…

WILFORD: Congress Wants To Blow Another $430 Billion Hole In The Deficit

Over the next couple weeks before the August recess, congressional Democrats are hoping to pass four spending bills that would add up to about $430 billion in deficit spending. Even by Congress’ lofty standards of spending beyond its means, that’s quite a substantial amount for just a couple weeks of legislating. This rushed package of bills…

SHEFFIELD: Biden’s Dizzying Energy Policy Is Even Making Climate Warriors Scratch Their Heads

You’d think after achieving $5 a gallon nationwide gas prices and gutting domestic oil and gas producers, America’s environmental extremists would be elated and emboldened. But President Joe Biden’s energy policy is so incoherent, even Green New Deal socialists are frustrated, according to reporting by Politico’s Zack Colman.“The climate advocates who cheered President Joe Biden’s…

CARTER: Democrats’ Heads Are In The Clouds When It Comes To Lowering Drug Prices

Republicans have a plan to combat high prescription drug prices, without reverting to socialist price controls.When I was a practicing pharmacist, I witnessed seniors trying to decide whether to pay for their medicine or pay for their groceries. I witnessed mothers crying because they couldn’t afford their children’s medicine. (RELATED: WILLIAMSON: America Needs To Get…

CHANG: It’s Time To Liberate TikTok Users From China

TikTok has just confirmed that parent company ByteDance in China has had access to sensitive U.S. user data generated by the wildly popular video-sharing app.“Employees outside the U.S., including China-based employees, can have access to TikTok U.S. user data subject to a series of robust cybersecurity controls and authorization approval protocols overseen by our U.S.-based…

ANTONI: Democrats Could Make A Recession Even Worse

Economic data has been pointing to a recession for months and alarm bells should be ringing in Washington. As with most challenges facing the nation, the political parties have vastly different strategies for blunting the impact of a recession and getting the country back to robust growth.A recession is commonly defined as two consecutive quarters…

PATEL: The Democratic Party Is Cracking Up, But Republicans Seem Incapable Of Taking Advantage

The real problem for the Democratic Party is not President Joe Biden. He’s a huge problem, of course, but their real problems run much deeper. The Democrats have an unmanageable coalition and are unable to cobble it together into anything even semi-coherent. If Republican leaders were attuned to this dynamic, they could dominate like perhaps…

MCDANIEL: A Red Tsunami Is Barreling Towards Democrats 

It’s official: We’ve passed the halfway-point of the midterm primary season. With 28 states’ candidates decided, we’re getting a sense of what Republicans can expect on Nov. 8th. And so far, it’s looking promising.On Tuesday, a trend we have seen play out across the country continued: Republicans outpaced Democrats at the primary ballot box. In…

KOVACH: Biden’s Body Count

When presidential candidate Joe Biden was on the campaign trail in 2020, he touted that his immigration agenda would “direct enforcement efforts toward threats to public safety and national security, while ensuring that individuals are treated with the due process to which they are entitled and their human rights are protected.”Two years into his term, he…

SUMMERS: Here’s How We Can Protect The Supreme Court’s Integrity For Generations To Come

Of the more than 7,000 applications to appeal before the U.S. Supreme Court annually, only about 2% are granted. Every opinion decides the issue finally, despite conflicts among the circuits.Every opinion is controversial and affects America. The opinion in Dobbs, et al v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, et al issued recently on June 24th overruled the…
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