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Monday, August 2, 2021

Trump’s DOJ Official Resigns Amid Uproar Over Spying Scandal

John Demers, the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) top national security official, is reportedly resigning amid news that the department issued seizures and gag orders to obtain records from the press and Democratic lawmakers. Demers will leave by the end of next week, a DOJ official said according to The Associated Press. U.S. attorney in the…

‘Dumping Cash Into Central America’ Isn’t Going To Help The Immigration Crisis

Vince Coglianese and Jason Nichols debate the broken immigration system amid Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to Central America during a new episode of Vince and Jason Save The Nation. Nichols argues while Republicans try to curb illegal immigration, there are negative consequences, such as farmers in rural red states losing their labor supply. But…

‘Watchdog On Wall Street’ Host Says Extended Unemployment Benefits To Blame For Grim May...

‘Watchdog on Wall Street’ host Chris Markowski joined the Daily Caller News Foundation’s Samantha Renck to discuss the less-than-expected May jobs report, the impact of continued government handouts, and more. WATCH: Check out more from the Daily Caller News Foundation: ‘Illegal To Tell The Truth In China’: Investigative Reporter Details Media’s Failure On COVID-19 Rep.…

Is Fauci A Fraud? Vince And Jason Debate Dr. Fauci’s Newly Released Emails

Vince Coglianese and Jason Nichols debate whether Dr. Anthony Fauci is a fraud during a new episode of “Vince and Jason Save The Nation” after the disease expert flip flopped on numerous coronavirus-related issues. Coglianese noted how Fauci, during a December interview with The New York Times, said he nudges the percentage of herd immunity…

Biden Keeps Getting Into Spicy Exchanges With This Fox News Reporter

Fox News’ White House Correspondent Peter Doocy always knows how to get an interesting answer out of President Joe Biden. Watch some of their craziest exchanges below! (RELATED): Vaccinated Americans Must Wear Masks Except When With Each Other, New CDC Guidelines Say Check out TheDC’s fantastic videos and subscribe to our YouTube channel to avoid missing…

Charles Payne Blames Unemployment Benefits For Biden’s Disappointing Jobs Report

Charles Payne, the host of Fox Business’ “Making Money with Charles Payne,” joined the Daily Caller’s Caity McDuffee to break down President Joe Biden’s disappointing jobs report. The United States was expected to add one million jobs, but fell short at only 226,000. Tune in below to get Payne’s unfiltered take on what happened! WATCH:…

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Multiple Altercations Break Out Between Protesters And Police In Washington, DC

Protesters gathered at BLM Plaza in Washington, D.C. late Friday evening to protest recent killings by police. Right now at BLM Plaza in #WashingtonDC, protesters begin marching pic.twitter.com/kaEg4kBV3P — Lisa Bennatan (@LisaBennatan) April 17, 2021 Multiple altercations broke out between police and protesters, who marched through outdoor diners. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Watch Protesters Take To…

EXCLUSIVE: Ted Cruz Reacts Live To John Boehner Telling Him To ‘Go F**K Yourself’

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz sat down with The Daily Caller and gave his reaction to former House Speaker John Boehner telling him to “go f**k yourself” in a leaked audio recording. Cruz responded with a zinger about Boehner’s penchant for liquor and then raked the former politician over the coals. (RELATED: ‘Who Is John…

AOC Scolds Republicans That Are Pro-Life But Don’t Support The $15 Minimum Wage

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unloaded on Republicans who say they are pro-life but don’t support the $15 minimum wage. You won’t believe what she had to say — watch below! (RELATED: Ocasio-Cortez: ‘It’s Go Time’ For Advocates Of Student Debt Cancellation) WATCH:

‘Our Duty To Tell The Truth’: Rep. Nancy Mace On Calling Out Ocasio-Cortez’s Capitol...

February 06, 2021 5:54 PM ET Rep. Nancy Mace spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation’s Samantha Renck about arguments she had this week with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, why she thinks it’s important the truth is heard and more. “I guess earlier this week on Wednesday I saw a news report that was describing Congresswoman…
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