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Friday, September 17, 2021

Death Toll In Haiti Quake Stands At 724, Thousands More Injured

The death toll from Saturday's 7.2-magnitude earthquake in Haiti has doubled overnight to 724 people, with 2,800 injured in Saturday's in Haiti, according to the director of the Civil Protection Agency. The earthquake hit early in the morning, leveling buildings and filling streets with debris.A one-month state of emergency was declared by Prime Minister Ariel…

Biden Administration launches plan to KILL all American soldiers [Video]

Imposter Joe has apparently been co-opted to destroy the American military forces, clearing the way for China to launch a massive takeover of the world, because US forces simply will not be around to stop them in two to five years’ time. How is THAT for a lede? Hopefully, of course, it is not true,…

The Death Of Commuting

By Nick Colas of DataTrek ResearchThe rising interest in remote work is largely an American phenomenon and an important trend to understand for its long-run impact on US productivity growth. The bottom line is that remote work is here to stay; workers hate commuting. The increasing popularity of remote work combined with new technology should…

“It’s Over, It’s All Over” – The Death Of China’s Bitcoin Mining Industry

For much of the past decade, the energy-intensive mining infrastructure that made bitcoin possible resided deep inside China's hinterlands, close to cheap if heavily polluting sources of energy, where millions of bitcoin mining machines would crank out trillions in computations every second to solve the mathematical problems that power the Proof of Work token, and…

Authorities Reveal Cause Of Death For 4-Year-Old Boy Found In Toy Chest

Authorities have announced that a missing 4-year-old boy, who was found dead after a search of his family’s home in Utah, suffocated to death in his own toy chest. After Kache Wallis was tucked into bed by his grandmother Saturday night, he somehow ended up in the small chest where he later died from positional asphyxiation,…

Bungee-Jumper Plummets 164 Feet To Her Death After Leaping Off Bridge Without Fastened Cord

A Colombian woman plummeted 164 feet to her death while bungee-jumping without a fastened cord Sunday, Fox News reported. Yecenia Morales, 25, and her boyfriend went to Amagá viaduct, a well-known jumping spot, for a trip organized by Sky Bungee Jumping, a local company. The couple were the 90th jumpers of the day, Fox News…

REPORT: Jets Assistant Coach Greg Knapp Dies After Tragic Biking Accident

New York Jets assistant coach Gregg Knapp has reportedly died. According to Mike Klis, Knapp’s agent announced late Thursday afternoon that the assistant coach died after injuries sustained after being hit by a car while biking. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football) He was 58-years-old. Jeff Sperbeck, Greg Knapp’s…

Hotel Collapse Leaves 8 Dead In China, Cause Still Unknown

A hotel in coastal China collapsed Monday afternoon, leaving 8 dead and 9 unaccounted for as the 3-story building disintegrated into rubble, multiple sources reported. The cause of the destruction of the Siji Kaiyuan budget hotel is yet unknown as the Ministry of Emergency Management has deployed workers to search for survivors and clear the…

Jada Pinkett Smith Shares Never-Before-Seen Poem By Tupac In Honor Of His 50th Birthday

Jada Pinkett Smith shared a never-before-seen poem written by Tupac Shakur on what would have been his 50th birthday. “I don’t think this one has ever been published,” Smith said in the video she shared on Instagram in honor of Tupac’s birthday. “… I don’t think he would have minded that I shared this with…

Woke elitism pays off for Black Lives Matter founder [Video]

Black Lives Matter revealed itself as a big sham over the last few weeks, as its founder Patrisse Cullors pocketed donations to the group for her own personal gain, buying at least $3.2 million worth of real estate – high end homes, hoped for island property and so on. Patrisse Cullors shows that Marxism pays…

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