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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Nancy Pelosi urges Joe Biden NOT to debate Trump. Really. [Video]

We are seeing everything imaginable and even unimaginable unfold as we make the run towards November 3, 2020. Today’s featured weirdness is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) suggesting to Joe Biden that he not debate Donald Trump. She tried to frame this idea in a really snotty way, quite frankly. Fox News’ Marisa Schultz reported: House…

Trump: ‘All Children, Born and Unborn, Have a God-Given Right to Life’

President Donald Trump continued his commitment to the unborn Thursday evening during his formal acceptance speech at the White House on the last night of the Republican National Convention (RNC). Trump drew a stark contrast between his pro-life policies and the pro-abortion agenda of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party, one that would codify Roe…

Deborah Owens: ‘Black America Isn’t Fooled by Kamala Harris Nomination’

Black conservative Christian leader Dr. Deborah De Sousa Owens says the Biden campaign’s choice of Kamala Harris as his running mate shows the Democrat Party is still condescending to black voters by assuming they will simply fall for its identity politics that, this time around, amounts to “affirmative action at the highest level.” Owens, who…

“Team Harris” gets press – but isn’t it Biden who wants to be President?...

Sometimes, you get a perfect rundown of what is really going on in the world. As regards Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, this is one of the best early analyses of this pair of Presidential candidates. In fact, it is probably most accurate to say precisely that: This is a pair of presidential candidates, not a…

PATEL: Watch Out For The New Censors — Not A Happy Bunch

Neil Patel Co-Founder and Publisher, The Daily Caller August 06, 2020 9:02 PM ET Until the Trump era, there was a pretty broad consensus in America around free speech. If you didn’t like something someone said, you could debate them and prove their point was not worthy. The solution to bad arguments was to use…

Barack Obama and the disintegration of family [Video]

Prager University is a sharp, conservative school, presenting truth-tellers from everywhere for its videos. This video features Larry Elder, who discusses the present charade of “anti-racism” rioting and describes what the real problem is. As the viewer will see, the professional agitators of Antifa are very good at intimidating even the young into submission to…

Tucker Carlson: Defund the police simply a power grab [Video]

The Black Lives Matter movement is insane, AND it is now become a political party, perhaps the most powerful political party in the United States at this point. The ability this movement and its supporters have had on an already weakened and dispirited American populace is dangerous, despite the polled prevalence of common sense. The…

Coronavirus not dangerous – if you are a leftist protesting racism [Video]

The United States and much of the world has been in a state of protracted lockdown for the last three months due to the spread of the Chinese coronavirus. The virus has a particulary nasty illness that causes drastic respiratory failure to those who have severe cases, but it also seem to be largely a…

Are Bernie and the Democrat Party just entertainment? [Video]

The 2020 campaign for Presidential nominee in the Democrat Party is very strange. The characteristics are warped, thrown into a quasi-hypnotic level of distortion. At least, that is how it looks from a conservative viewpoint. The campaign does do one thing very well. It highlights the extremely vivid ideological divide between a culture of common sense and…

CNN Aims to Sink Bernie Sanders in Favor of Documented Fabricator Elizabeth Warren

CNN appears to be taking the word of a Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a candidate who has a history of fabricating key details of her life, and a point that boiled over after moderators of Tuesday’s debate demonstrated a clear bias against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). The network came under fire Tuesday night after moderators…

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