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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Three states now auditing 2020 election. Does this mean anything? [Video]

Pennsylvania and Georgia are going to conduct audits of the ballots in the 2020 Presidential election. In doing so, they join Arizona, which is currently conducting such an audit in Maricopa County. These audits are ostensibly an attempt to check the reality of the very strange 2020 election. Now, of course, no major networks are…

IRS Christian bashing Redux in the days of Sleepy Joe [Video]

The IRS is at it again. Remember back in the bad old days of Obama, how the IRS delayed granting tax-exempt status to pro-Christian-value, conservative or Christian organizations? Remember how there was an investigation that found that the IRS was discriminating against such people? It looks like the IRS thinks you forgot, and they are…

US News media now the LEAST TRUSTED in the world – [Video]

The American news media is now officially polled as the least trustworthy on the entire planet. A Reuters Institute / University of Oxford survey polled 92,000 news consumers in 46 markets around the world, including India, Indonesia, Russia, and many other nations. The Executive Summary Report is damning, and is best expressed concisely in this graph:…

Did Federal agents plan the January 6th Capitol incident? [Video]

Everything about the 2020 election was surreal and faked. President Trump was cruising to a decisive victory, only to have it snatched away by Democrat and Deep State operatives functioning on an organized level never seen before in the history of the United States. They succeeded in halting President Trump’s efforts to let America be…

VINDICATED: Next News Network meets Sen. Rand Paul about Dr Fauci [Video]

We are seeing a follow-through in journalism that is probably unlike anything that has been seen since Watergate. Last year, the Next News Network, a new independent “alt media” news source, broke the story that Dr. Fauci was intimately connected to the development of SARS-CoV-2, the source virus for COVID-19 and the resultant pandemic. Dr. Fauci already…

COVID INSANITY as a true believer attacks a student [Video]

This is both aggravating and sad. It is sad because what you are about to see is an example of human wreckage brought about by fear of COVID-19 and the constantly whipsawing narrative about what is and what is not safe to do because of this very mild pandemic. It is also a good study…

The Wall St. Journal: America is destroying itself from within [Video]

From Inosmi.ru, the Russian website that specializes in telling Russians what people in other lands think of them and their nation, this piece reprinted and translated from The Wall Street Journal. Inosmi picked up this piece, and we can make its original form available to our readers below. It says, very bluntly, what many Americans already know:…

TASS: Chinese Foreign Ministry demands US explain Ukraine biolabs [Video]

This is a translation of a piece run by the Russian TASS News Agency. It is not likely that the American press is covering it, so we bring it to you. The attached videos are for the benefit of any viewers that speak Russian or Ukrainian fluently, but, curiously, the “AutoTranslate” feature common to YouTube…

Roman Catholic Priest FINALLY confronts Joe Biden [Video]

One of the ways both the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches acknowledge as “participating in someone else’s sin” is “By silence.” According to this idea, if I know about someone doing something that is sinful and I do not say anything about it to him or to his priest, or if the person is a…

Connecticut Democrat Proposes Bill to Fine Those Who Do Not Vote in State Elections

A bill proposed in the Connecticut state legislature’s January session involves possibly fining residents who choose not to vote. “Sen. Will Haskell, a Democrat, proposed the bill. Haskell represents the state’s 26th District of Bethel, New Canaan, redding, Ridgefield, Weston, Westport and Wilton,” WFSB reported Thursday. The bill would “amend general statutes to ‘provide that…

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