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Hunter Biden Vouches for Father’s Honesty at Nominating Convention

Joe Biden’s youngest son, Hunter, vouched for his father’s “honesty” and integrity on Thursday while introducing the former vice president at the Democratic National Convention. “We want to tell you what kind of president our dad will be,” Hunter and his younger sister, Ashley Biden, told the convention. “He will be tough and honest.” Hunter…

Calling All Patriots: Which Speaker At The DNC Stood Out The Most To You?

Daily Caller Productions Contributor August 20, 2020 11:53 PM ET

‘Family Guy’ Creator Gives $700,000 To Pro-Biden Super PAC

August 20, 2020 11:48 PM ET “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane contributed $700,000 to a pro-Joe Biden political action committee in July, according to U.S. Federal Election Commission data. The comedian’s contribution went to Priorities USA, according to the action committee’s fundraising disclosure. Priorities USA is a progressive political action committee (PAC) dedicated to mobilizing “every…

Hunter Biden Vouches For Joe Biden’s Honesty During DNC

August 20, 2020 11:23 PM ET Hunter Biden and his younger sister Ashley Biden lauded their father for his honesty, care and principles during the Democratic National Convention Thursday night. “We want to tell you what kind of president our dad will be,” Hunter said. The two siblings go on to describe their father’s admirable…

The Chicks Perform The National Anthem At Democratic National Convention

August 20, 2020 11:04 PM ET The Chicks, formerly known as the Dixie Chicks, performed the national anthem Thursday during the final night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention. The Chicks sang an a cappella version of The Star-Spangled Banner in front of a blue-green background, each singer with a separated camera angle shot, for…

‘Our Future Is Now And It Is Daunting’: Andrew Yang Urges Americans To Vote...

August 20, 2020 10:07 PM ET Former presidential candidate and businessman Andrew Yang took the virtual stage at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night and told Americans that now is the time to act. “We are in a deep dark hole and we need leaders who will help us dig out. I know many politicians…

Kamala Harris at DNC: ‘I Know a Predator When I See One’

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) proclaimed at the 2020 Democrat National Convention on Wednesday, “I know a predator when I see one.” “I have fought for children and survivors of sexual assault, I fought against transnational criminal organisations,” said Harris. “I took on the biggest banks and helped take down one of the biggest for-profit colleges.”…

Here’s What You Missed From The Third Night Of The Democratic Convention

August 20, 2020 1:36 AM ET Speakers on the third night of the Democratic National Convention focused on women leading up to Sen. Kamala Harris’ acceptance speech for the 2020 Democratic vice presidential nomination, and criticized President Donald Trump’s leadership. Former President Barack Obama said in his message to the DNC Wednesday that Trump has…

DNC Repeatedly Uses Young Children In Making The Case To Elect Democrats

August 20, 2020 12:25 AM ET Children played an important role on the third night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention Wednesday, which presented kids as advocates for issues ranging from gun violence to immigration. Former Sec. of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton addressed the “young people of America” during her speech,…

Elizabeth Warren Had A Hidden Message Behind Her During Her DNC Speech

August 19, 2020 11:37 PM ET Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren had a hidden message spelled out in primary-colored letters behind her as she gave her Wednesday night Democratic National Convention speech. As Warren gave her speech, the letters B, L and M could be seen on the bottom right of the screen, each leaning…
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