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Monday, July 6, 2020

How the Republican Party Spins Trump’s Corruption

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at The Saker On June 20th, Pam and Russ Martens, at their anti-corruption site “Wall Street on Parade,” headlined “As Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Face Criminal Probes, Barr Fires Top Prosecutor; Tries to Replace Him with Banks’ Former Lawyer, Jay Clayton”, and reported that Donald Trump’s consigliere William Barr was firing…

Teen Vogue Reposts Their 2018 Article Glorifying Marxism, Promotes Sunshine Movement Aimed At Radicalizing...

Wednesday morning the official Twitter account for Teen Vogue posted a 2018 article written by Adryan Corcione promoting and idolizing Karl Marx. The article wastes no time glorifying Marx and his teachings, referring to him as “the man, the meme, the legend.” “The famed German co-authored The Communist Manifesto with fellow scholar Friedrich Engels in 1848, a…

Bishop Aubrey Shines Explains Democrats’ History of Systemic Racism

Bishop Aubrey Shines, founder and pastor of G2G Ministries in Tampa Bay, Florida, and founder of Conservative Clergy of Color, discussed left-wing and Democrat paternalism towards blacks on Tuesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow. Shines linked the Democrat Party to “systemic racism” in a column published at the Washington Times.…

Six ways Americans backlash against Soros and Democrat lunacy. [Video]

To follow the news such as the network news sites present it, one might be led to think that all of America is aflame, whoever is not aflame is dying from coronavirus, and that masked faces are the new normal across the nation and around the world. Total and complete dystopia is having its day…

Mayor Bill de Blasio Vows to Cut NYPD Funding While Violent Crime Soars

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is vowing to cut funding for the New York City Police Department (NYPD) even as violent crime soars. During a news conference on Sunday, de Blasio said his administration would “be moving funding from the NYPD to youth initiatives and social services” in its new budget request. De…

Coronavirus not dangerous – if you are a leftist protesting racism [Video]

The United States and much of the world has been in a state of protracted lockdown for the last three months due to the spread of the Chinese coronavirus. The virus has a particulary nasty illness that causes drastic respiratory failure to those who have severe cases, but it also seem to be largely a…

Jeffries: We Will Have Hearings on Trump’s ‘Subversion’ of the Constitution

Thursday on MSNBC’s “All In,” Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) said Congress would investigate the Trump administration for using Washington, DC police and National Guard troops to clear out protesters from Lafayette Square for Trump’s visit to St. John’s Episcopal Church. Jeffries said the action was a subversion of the protesters’ constitutional rights of freedom of assemble…

Charles Hurt: Joe Biden’s Record: 100% Wrong, 100% of the Time

You can’t say you were not warned. As President Trump has been saying for years now, “What have you got to lose?” And then along comes Joe Biden to remind us all that when it comes to the ancient, petrified forest of Washington Olde Guard, America really does have nothing to lose. Certainly, Mr. Biden should know. For nearly a half-century,…

Russiagate hoax blown wide open as Schiff’s lies compared with transcripts [Video]

This news this piece carries is so important that we include two videos with it. The Russiagate hoax was blown to bits on Friday, May 8th. V-E Day in the West might well be also called V-T day for the United States. Honestly, it ought to be V-T day for the world, and for Russia in…

Democrats Ratchet Up Opposition To Israeli Settlements As 2020 Election Approaches

Democratic leaders have increasingly voiced their opposition to Israeli settlements, and have criticized the Trump administration for green-lighting such plans.  A number of Obama administration officials asked the Democratic National Committee to formally oppose any expansion by the Israeli government. Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden opposes “unilateral” moves by Israel to annex territory claimed by…
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