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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Ron Johnson: Joe Biden Trying to ‘Remake Demographics of America’ with Mass Immigration Policies

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) suggested President Joe Biden is attempting to “remake the demographics of America” with mass immigration policies that seek to pack as many foreign nationals into the United States as possible. In an interview with Fox Business Channel, Johnson said Vice President Kamala Harris, named by Biden as “crisis manager,” is aware…

Remember When Liberals Thought Corporate Speech Was Evil?

Although many on the left have begun using corporations in their pressure campaigns against conservative voting legislation, Democratic politicians are still quick to criticize a Supreme Court case that allows corporations to engage in political speech during the electoral process. The Supreme Court ruled in the 2010 case Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission that…

Liberal Justice Breyer and the Late Justice Ginsburg Opposed Packing SCOTUS: ‘A Bad Idea’

Left-wing Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer recently warned against leftists’ calls to pack the Court and before her death, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg also voiced opposition to it. In an address on April 6, Breyer said he aimed to “make those whose initial instincts may favor important structural or other similar institutional changes, such as…

Democrats: Illegal Aliens Are ‘American Heroes’ Who Deserve Amnesty from Joe Biden

A group of House and Senate Democrats is urging President Joe Biden to include amnesty for millions of illegal aliens in an infrastructure package as nearly 17 million Americans remain jobless. In a letter to Biden, the group of 22 Democrats, including Reps. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) and Ted Lieu (D-CA), as well as Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Alex…

Poll: Only 1/3 of Americans Believe Democrats’ Massive Coronavirus Relief Bill Will Benefit Them

A Politico-Harvard poll shows that while more Americans think life will return to normal when the coronavirus pandemic is over, only one third of them credit the government for helping them recover. The poll, which surveyed 1,008 adults from March 16 to March 21, found that only one-third of respondents — including Democrats — think…

Andrew Cuomo’s New York: Illegal Aliens to Get $1.1B More in Taxpayer-Funded Aid Than...

Nearly 200,000 illegal aliens living in New York will soon receive $2.1 billion in taxpayer-funded stimulus checks and unemployment benefits thanks to a budget agreed upon by Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D). While more than a million jobs have been lost in New York and an estimated 80,000 New York businesses may not make it to the end of the Chinese…

Government borrows. Who should pay for it?

Eric Zuesse The big debate now is over how much the Government should borrow, but it instead needs to be over who should pay for it. Should future generations, who have no say in this matter, be the ones that will be paying for it? They will receive both many of the benefits and most…

Gallup: Majority of Republican Voters View Foreign Trade as Threat to U.S.

A slim majority of Republican voters now see foreign trade as a threat to the United States economy, a Gallup survey reveals. A survey from Gallup this week finds that Republican voters’ opinions of foreign trade as a net benefit to the U.S. economy have dropped to the lowest point since the firm began tracking…

MSNBC’s Wallace: Dems Need to ‘Fight Like Republicans’ on State Voting Laws — ‘Take...

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace said Friday on her show “Deadline” that Democrats need to fight Republican state legislatures’ attempts to pass new voting legislation with a traditionally Republican “take no prisoners” attitude. On corporate America now openly opposing the new voting laws, Wallace said, “No one is suggesting that any of this is playing out…

Analysis: 4.4M Illegal Aliens Could Get Amnesty Under House Democrat Plan

An estimated 4.4 million illegal aliens of the roughly 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the United States could get amnesty under a Democrat plan passed in the House on Thursday. The Democrats’ H.R. 6, known as the “American Dream and Promise Act of 2021,” will go before the House for a vote…
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