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Thursday, August 18, 2022

WATCH: College Students Really Love Diversity Quotas — Until It Impacts Their D1 Football...

A Campus Reform report, featuring interviews with students at the University of Florida, led some students to question their support for diversity quotas if they were applied to the school’s D1 football program.The Campus Reform reporter filmed interviews with students during a Gators gameday, asking whether they would support diversity quotas “in the workplace and…

‘Majority Of Faculty Agree With Many Or Even Most Of My Positions’: Canceled Professor...

University of Chicago professor Dorian Abbott was scheduled to give a prestigious lecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), but was uninvited at the behest of a Twitter mob who disagreed with his viewpoints. “If you shut down discourse, the only means to resolve conflict is violence,” Abbot told the Daily Caller News Foundation.…

Multiculturalist Liberals Hate Hungary for Being a Pro-Borders, Traditional Values Success: Orban

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán believes that his government is targeted for criticism because the liberal left cannot bear to see a country that promotes a Christian national identity over multiculturalism, strong borders, and traditional values succeeding. Quizzed by Tucker Carlson on why, as a former anti-Communist dissident once admired in the West, he believes…

America’s Diversity Problem. And China’s.

America has a problem with race, and an even bigger problem with diversity, so we are forever being told. So does China. In the US, racism has long been peddled as a national emergency, in spite of numerous and none too bright “women of color” holding positions of power and influence: Joy Reid, Lori Lightfoot,…

Scientists Nix Two More Insect Names Based On ‘Racial Slurs’

Scientists removed two insect names Wednesday in an effort to replace names of bugs containing racial slurs and be more “inclusive,” a press release stated. The Entomological Society of America (ESA) removed the terms “gypsy moth” and “gypsy ant,” that reference the “Lymantria dispar” and the “Aphaenogaster araneoides,” from its Common Names of Insects and…

Study: Woke Democrats ‘Dehumanize Republicans’

Woke Democrats dehumanized conservatives more than vice versa during the 2020 election, partly because progressives are more misinformed about their rivals’ view of them, according to a study by four surprised researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara. “Democrats expressed more dehumanization and antidemocratic spite toward Republicans than vice-versa. … This appears to clash with…

Recently Surfaced Video Concerning Diversity Sparks Backlash at ESPN

A video chat recorded unknowingly recorded by white ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols has caused hard feelings among many of the network’s staffers. The recording makes many feel that their white colleagues don’t really support the network’s drive for diversity if it ends up unseating whites from on-air roles. In the recording, Nichols is heard unloading…

Dan Crenshaw: Troops at Fort Bliss Forced to Wear IDs with Race and Social...

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) this week revealed several instances where service members were forced to classify themselves by race and socio-economic status during diversity and inclusion training. In one instance, Crenshaw said soldiers were forced to wear personal identification badges that listed their race, ethnicity, social class, and other things, during at training at Fort…

Diversity Council Resigns Following Ban On Teaching That Any Group Is ‘Inherently Racist’

At least half of Republican New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu’s Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion resigned Tuesday, citing his approval of a state budget limiting conversations of “systemic racism” as a reason for members departing. “We feel obligated to inform you that—contrary to your recent public statements—systemic racism does in fact exist here in…

Diversity v Public Safety

In a recent vlog, the historian Simon Webb pointed out that so-called diversity in recruitment and hiring can have negative or even serious implications for public safety, particularly when it comes to recruiting women for positions that may involve such things as physical confrontations with violent individuals. He pointed out that Seattle Police Chief Carmen…

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