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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Gold’s Historic Rise

Submitted by Steve Brown… Gold’s meteoric price rise is more about the US dollar’s crash far more than sovereigns and central banks just hoarding gold.  Check out the one-month US dollar index here: https://www.bloomberg.com/quote/DXY:CUR But why would Mnuchin’s Treasury and central banks allow the dollar to crash? At this point only insiders know, and we…

Is The Dollar Standard Slipping Out Of Control?

Authored by Alastair Crooke via The Strategic Culture Foundation, As commentators focus on the hospitalisations of two Gulf monarchs, and permutate likely succession issues, they may miss the wood for the succession trees: Of course, the death of either the Emir of Kuwait (91 years old) or King Salman of Saudi Arabia (84 years old)…
the-dollar-“has-us-by-the-throat”:-chinese-official-urges gradual-decoupling-of-yuan-ahead-of “full-blown-escalation”

The Dollar “Has Us By The Throat”: Chinese Official Urges Gradual Decoupling Of Yuan Ahead...

With all eyes on Trump's Tuesday evening Rose Garden speech which unveiled that he'll sign new and punitive measures indirectly targeting China — namely the Hong Kong Autonomy Act, a bipartisan measure to penalize banks that work with Chinese officials found to be interfering in Hong Kong affairs — it remains that arguably the most important recent statements out of China…

A Collapsing Dollar And China’s Monetary Strategy

Authored by Alasdair Macleod via GoldMoney.com, This article describes how China can escape the fate of a dollar collapse by tying the yuan to gold. There is little doubt she has access to sufficient gold. Currently, her interest is to preserve the dollar, not destroy it, because it is the principal means of Chinese foreign…

“The Dollar Is Out Of Stock Everywhere”: Hong Kong Money Exchangers Turn Away Clients...

Even before protests over a controversial extradition bill sparked the tumultuous pro-democracy movement that swept across Hong Kong last year, the notion that the city's freedoms were under threat, and that China would soon move to curtail them, had been gestating since the 2014 Umbrella Movement. Last Spring, before the movement began in earnest, Kyle…

Why A Bear Market Will Lead To A Dollar Collapse

Authored by Alasdair Macleod via GoldMoney.com, Falling equity markets this week are likely to signal the onset of a bear market, responding to a combination of the coronavirus spreading beyond China and persistent indications of a developing recession. This has provoked a flight into US Treasuries, with the ten-year yield falling to an all-time low…

Economist Warns: Americans Relying on Overvalued Currency to Import What Rest of World Produces

On Jan. 13, Peter Schiff appeared on RT Boom Bust with Bubba Horwitz to talk about the yuan, the dollar, the stock market and the US economy. Peter said the dollar is eventually going to collapse and it’s going to be a rude awakening for Americans.The Chinese yuan has been gaining strength against the dollar…

China Planning Record Sale of Dollar Bonds

Insiders anticipate offering at $6 billion China is set to expand its bond market through a record sale of sovereign bonds in dollars, according to Bloomberg sources.The bond offering could raise up to $6 billion, would be one of the largest dollar bond offerings on record. The offering could be seen as soon as Tuesday.…
a record-breaking-dollar-bond-offering-from-china-could-be-imminent

A Record-Breaking Dollar Bond Offering From China Could Be Imminent

China is set to expand its bond market through a record sale of sovereign bonds in dollars, according to Bloomberg sources.  The bond offering could raise up to $6 billion, would be one of the largest dollar bond offerings on record. The offering could be seen as soon as Tuesday.  Sources said the Ministry of Finance is…

Central Banks Buying More Gold

Banks worldwide ripping themselves away from Fed’s dollar The central bank gold-buying spree shows no sign of letting up as countries seek to diversify their reserves away from the US dollar.Globally, central banks added another net 47.5 tons of gold to their reserves in September, according to the latest data from the World Gold Council.There were no significant…
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