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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Democrat hysterics over Amy Coney Barrett reveal their RACISM [Video]

Dr. Steve Turley is certainly the rising star in conservative media. His intensity for pressing home the point that liberalism and globalism are failing enterprises is fresh, optimistic (though sometimes with a bit of evil spite thrown in… not that I can blame him for that!) as he shows the process that seems to be…

The utopia of Democrat activism [Video]

Parents, you are not going to want to let your kids watch this video. It brought me to tears. How can actions like this not only be allowed to continue, but rather, nurtured by the Democrat leadership of Portland and other cities where this kind of thing is going on? There are some giveaways in this…

San Francisco Shuts Down Homeless Hotels With Free Booze And Drugs After Meth Lab...

August 12, 2020 11:00 PM ET Journalist Erica Sandberg said Wednesday that San Francisco has shut down its “harm reduction” program that offered free alcohol, drugs and hotel rooms to the city’s homeless after a meth label was discovered in one room. “It was basically a disaster,” Sandberg told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “It’s…

How To Get A Free Hotel Stay (And Free Drugs) In San Francisco

Even as San Francisco ushers its homeless population into ritzy hotels (at city expense), the city's streets - particularly in districts like the Tenderloin - have seen a growing number of tents pitched by the homeless. And according to a lawsuit filed by law schools and the business community, the number of tents pitched by…

Why Only Fools and Crooks Don’t Support Bernie Sanders

Eric Zuesse An important study was reported on January 7th in the scientific journal Annals of Internal Medicine, published by the American College of Physicians. It’s titled “Health Care Administrative Costs in the United States and Canada, 2017”. Canada doesn’t have the best healthcare system in the world, nor the least expensive; but, amongst industrialized…

Walmart Apologizes for Selling Christmas Sweaters of Santa Appearing to Do Drugs

Walmart is apologizing after it made a Christmas sweater for sale that appeared to look like Santa was doing drugs. The sweater featured a Santa Claus image behind a table with three white lines that looked very similar to lines of cocaine. Below the image were the words, “Let it snow,” reported the Global News,…

Families of Cartel Massacre Victims Insist Attack “Was No Accident”

Contrary to our expectations, the slaying of nine members of a Mormon community living in Northern Mexico at the hands of Mexican cartel gunmen seems to have already dropped out of the news cycle, perhaps because it’s already become clear that neither the US nor Mexico is planning to hold the attackers accountable.Senior Mexican security…

Harry Styles Reveals That He ‘Bit Off The Tip’ Of His Tongue While High...

August 26, 2019 5:44 PM ET Harry Styles reveals during his latest cover story that once when he was high after taking mushrooms, he actually “bit off the tip” of his tongue. “We’d do mushrooms, lie down on the grass, and listen to Paul McCartney’s ‘Ram’ in the sunshine,” the 25-year-old singer shared during his…
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