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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Donald Trump Has ‘Cordial’ Meeting with Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell

President Donald Trump on Monday confirmed he met Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell at the White House to discuss monetary policy. “Just finished a very good & cordial meeting at the White House with Jay Powell of the Federal Reserve,” Trump wrote on Twitter. The meeting was first disclosed by Powell in a press statement, revealing…

New Jersey Hits Uber With $650 Million Tax Bill; Stock Slides

Two months after Uber decided to ignore new California legislation requiring companies to reclassify contract workers as employees – a measure which would affect up to one million residents who work as contractors and drastically impact Uber’s bottom line – more states are lining up to demand a pound of flesh from the world’s formerly…

PayPal Blacklists Pornhub, Stops All Payouts to Adult Performers

PayPal, which has banned some prominent conservative figures from its platform, has found a new group of undesirables to financially blacklist — porn stars. Pornhub announced Thursday that PayPal has stopped all payouts to models on the popular hardcore porn site. “We are all devastated by PayPal’s decision to stop payouts to over a hundred…

Student Loan Debt Hits New Record

Loans burying taxpayers, stealing from future generations American consumer debt pushed to a new record of $4.15 trillion in September. Part of that equation – the continued surge in the levels of student loan debt.Student loan balances jumped by $32.9 billion in the third quarter this year, pushing total outstanding student loan debt to a new record…

4 Reasons Why Socialism Is Becoming More Popular

The newfound openness of large numbers of Americans to socialism is, by now, a well-documented phenomenon. According to a Gallup poll from earlier this year, 43% of Americans now believe that some form of socialism would be a good thing, in contrast to 51% who are still against it. A Harris poll found that four…

Locke vs. Cohen vs. Rothbard on Homesteading

Last week in my article The Power of Self-Ownership, I discussed how uncomfortable self-ownership made the great Marxist political philosopher G.A. Cohen. Cohen saw that self-ownership leads to libertarianism, but he rejected libertarianism while he found self-ownership plausible. To save his socialism, he gave up self-ownership, but his reasons for doing so are weak.If self-ownership survives…

Pope Francis Calls for New Models of ‘Inclusive Capitalism’

Pope Francis urged leaders Monday to devise “more inclusive and equitable economic models,” praising those who seek ways “to make capitalism become a more inclusive instrument for integral human wellbeing.” A just economy would “permit each person to share in the resources of this world and have opportunities to realize his or her potential,” the…

New York State Takes $900 Million Write Down on Tesla Plant Value

New York state officials have written down more than $1 billion in economic development investments in multiple tech projects across upstate New York, including nearly $900 million on Tesla’s troubled solar panel production factory in Buffalo. The Wall Street Journal reports that New York state officials have written down more than $1 billion in economic development investments…

Peter Schiff: Stock Market Surge Ignoring Bad Economic, Political Data

Stock markets made new highs on Wednesday, but as Peter Schiff explained in his latest podcast, there are a lot of cracks under the surface.The markets are surging forward even as they overlook bad economic data and chilly political winds.While stock markets are generally trending up, only about 10% of the individual stocks are actually…

Bank of England Predicts Lower Growth Due to Global Economy – Not Brexit

LONDON (AP) – The growth outlook for the British economy has deteriorated largely as a result of a gloomier global backdrop, the Bank of England said Thursday as it refrained from cutting rates in the run-up to a general election that could have huge repercussions on Brexit. Though waning fears of a no-deal Brexit should…
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