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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Russiagate II bounty claim attempt began with Shifty Adam Schiff [Video]

We would like to congratulate The Western Journal and its writers and editorial staff for creating an excellent news source that appears to have extremely insightful reporting and a nose for fact-finding that is among the best in the business. We refer to their piece dated July 2, by Elise Ehrhard, showing how a report…

Report: Trump’s Visa Suspension to Drive Up Wages for U.S. Professionals

President Trump’s suspension of various visa programs and regulatory reforms is set to give American workers newly found leverage in the job market, a report details. The banking and technology industry, Sarah Butcher reports for efinancialcareers.com, may go into “bidding wars” to fight for American workers at higher wages and better benefits thanks to Trump’s…

Fed Minutes Show No Sign of Backing Off Monetary Hail Mary

Don’t expect the Federal Reserve to pull back on its monetary Hail Mary anytime soon.The central bank released the minutes from the June meeting yesterday. There were no big surprises, but they did reaffirm the Fed’s commitment to continuing its unprecedented monetary policy into the foreseeable future.And it truly is unprecedented. It’s not just zero percent interest…

Poll: Most Liberals Say Americans Are Too Lazy to Work

Fifty-one percent of liberals and 45 percent of Democrats told a pollster that too few of their fellow Americans are willing to fill construction, technology, hospitality, and other service jobs, regardless of pay. The liberal responses “are driven by contempt for their fellow-countrymen in general and working-class whites in particular,” suggested Mark Krikorian, director of…

Report: Walmart to End Sale of ‘All Lives Matter’ Merchandise

Walmart has reportedly announced it will stop selling “All Lives Matter” products on its website, according to USA Today. “The nation’s largest retailer is removing the items which are sold by third-party sellers ‘indefinitely,’ after hearing from some employees and customers who were concerned about the meaning behind the merchandise,” the article read. In a statement,…

Report: India Holding Up Imports of U.S. Products Made in China

DIBYANGSHU SARKAR/AFP via Getty Images Customs officials at major Indian ports are holding back imports coming from China, Indian government and industry sources told Reuters on Wednesday. Among the goods held back are products from U.S. companies, including Apple, Dell, Cisco, and Ford Motor Company. Although no official Indian government notice has been issued confirming the…

Voters Scoff as Apple’s Tim Cook Declares ‘Deeply Disappointed’ with H-1B Visa Worker Halt

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he is “deeply disappointed” with President Donald Trump’s June 22 decision to shut down some of the visa worker pipelines that prevent Americans from getting jobs at Silicon Valley tech companies. “Deeply disappointed by this proclamation,” Cook said June 23. “Like Apple, this nation of immigrants has always found strength…

Exclusive–Vaughan: Trump’s ‘Bold Action’ to Halt Foreign Visa Workers Will ‘Give Relief to Americans’

President Trump’s suspension of a number of foreign visa worker programs is a “bold action” that will “give relief to Americans” in the midst of the Chinese coronavirus crisis, Center for Immigration Studies Director of Policy Jessica Vaughan says. On Monday, Trump expanded an executive order to halt the H-1B, H-4, H-2B, L-1, L-2, and J-1 visa…

George W. Bush Center Opposes Donald Trump’s Migration Reforms

Americans need more migrants to recover from the coronavirus crash, according to former President George W. Bush’s presidential center. The nation’s economic recovery will be slowed by the temporary suspension on importing foreign workers that President Donald Trump extended and expanded on June 22, said a June 23 tweet from the center: Suspending Immigration Will…

Central Bankers Will Bring Us Economic Stagnation

“Our country continues to face a difficult and challenging time….People have lost loved ones. Many millions have lost their jobs. There is great uncertainty about the future. At the Federal Reserve, we are strongly committed to using our tools to do whatever we can, for as long as it takes…to ensure that the recovery will…
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