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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Harvard Review Shows University Kept Ties With Jeffrey Epstein After 2008 Conviction

Disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, who killed himself in jail last August, visited Harvard University more than 40 times after being convicted in 2008 of sex charges involving a minor. He had no official Harvard affiliation, yet Jeffrey Epstein had his own office, key card and Harvard phone line. And he visited Harvard more than 40…

VIDEO: Principal Travels 800 Miles to Deliver Candy to 612 Seniors During Coronavirus Shutdown

A high school principal in Wylie, Texas, is making sure his students feel loved while their campus is closed during the coronavirus pandemic. Even though Wylie High School Principal Virdie Montgomery has been updating students and staff members on YouTube with videos he called the Corona Chronicles, he wanted to do more, according to WBNS. He recently…

Florida High School Principal Lines Campus Driveway with Photos of Class of 2020

One class of 2020 is going down a new kind of memory lane thanks to a Florida high school principal who wanted to honor the high school graduating class. Because schools have been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, traditions such as proms and graduations have been canceled. Principal Farica West of Poplar Springs High…

Harvard Law Professor Urges ‘Presumptive Ban’ on Homeschooling: ‘Unregulated Regime’

Harvard Magazine has published an interview with one of the school’s public interest law professors, who recently released a paper in which she calls for a “presumptive ban” on homeschooling. Elizabeth Bartholet, a Wasserstein public interest law professor at Harvard Law School, said both children and society are at risk due to the lack of…

Lesbian YouTuber Condemns Transgender Athletes Mocking True Women Competitors

Lesbian YouTube creator Arielle Scarcella is critical of advocates for transgender athletes in women’s sports in a video exposing how these biological men mock and berate their female competitors. In her video titled, “Trans Athletes Call Women Competitors LOSERS & MOCK Female Sports,” Scarcella asked, “Do transgender women have an advantage by being born male?”…

Why An Accomplished Researcher Turned His Back On Academia

Colin Wright had been on the academic track for 12 years. He began his career in California, studying evolutionary biology and ecology, and two years ago, he earned his PhD in the subject. This month, however, he decided to turn his back on academia after he realized the likelihood of ever obtaining a faculty position…

Harvard Faith Groups Celebrate Easter and Passover Via Livestreams

Student faith organizations at Harvard University will be celebrating Easter Sunday and Passover on video conferences and live-streams this year as a result of the ongoing Chinese virus pandemic. According to a report by the Crimson, faith organizations at Harvard University are devising creative ways of carrying out their religious celebrations. Both Christian and Jewish student…

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Gives Shelter-in-Place Order, Closes Schools for Semester

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp announced a statewide shelter-in-place order Wednesday and ordered K-12 schools to be closed for the remainder of the semester. Kemp’s remarks were made at a news conference to update the state’s response to the deadly coronavirus pandemic that has swept the nation. Kemp stated: As you know, over the past 48…

At-Home Sex Ed Digital Media Teaches Children Watching Porn Is Normal

Digital media platform Amaze has launched an at-home sex ed video series on Facebook that teaches children home from school during the coronavirus crisis that watching porn is normal. In an email sent to subscribers, Amaze announced: In light of COVID-19, we’re rolling out an at-home sex ed series via our Facebook page. Every weekday we’ll…

Actress Sam Sorbo: Coronavirus the ‘Impetus’ to Rethink Education in America

Actress and radio host Sam Sorbo said the coronavirus crisis has inadvertently become the “impetus” for Americans to rethink education. Sorbo, a homeschooling parent and host of the weekday syndicated radio program The Sam Sorbo Show, was a panelist at the Heritage Foundation’s webinar on Wednesday titled, “We’re All Homeschoolers Now: Navigating the Coronavirus Challenge to K-12 Education.” The…

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