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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Fox reports Twitter and Facebook silenced Hunter Biden bombshell, CNN – crickets [Video]

Anybody ever doubting that American news is managed ought to be able to see that this is the case today. Consider these three splash pages, whose screenshots were taken within seven minutes of one another at 01:30AM Eastern Daylight Time, October 15, 2020: First let’s look at CBS News, a major network prone to fits…

‘We’re A Republic’: Trent England On Electoral College, Possible Tie In November

October 12, 2020 10:48 PM ET Trent England, the founder and executive director of “Save Our States,” spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about the role of the electoral college, what happens if there is a tie and more. As the presidential election rapidly approaches, the purpose of the Electoral College and its role…

‘He Saw Me As A Person’: Alice Marie Johnson Commends Trump’s Criminal Justice Reform...

August 27, 2020 11:15 PM ET Alice Marie Johnson, who served time in prison for a nonviolent drug offense, delivered a speech commending President Donald Trump for his criminal justice reform efforts at the Republican National Convention. Johnson was serving a life sentence for helping lead a multi-million dollar cocaine ring in the 1990s, and…

Here’s What You Missed From The Third Night Of The Democratic Convention

August 20, 2020 1:36 AM ET Speakers on the third night of the Democratic National Convention focused on women leading up to Sen. Kamala Harris’ acceptance speech for the 2020 Democratic vice presidential nomination, and criticized President Donald Trump’s leadership. Former President Barack Obama said in his message to the DNC Wednesday that Trump has…

DNC Airs Debunked Claim Trump Called Asylum Seekers ‘Animals’

August 19, 2020 11:11 PM ET An edited video montage played during the Democratic National Convention Wednesday showed President Donald Trump referring to MS-13 gang members “animals,” but spliced it between videos of asylum seekers and children held in detention centers. The DNC’s video on the third night of the convention showed children held in…

Big Tech is trying to isolate us – Tucker Carlson snags Google [Video]

Tucker Carlson seems to be on track in the same manner as we are. On Tuesday evening, Tucker Carlson described how Google was employed by NBC News to try to cut off ZeroHedge and the Federalist sites. All that had to be done was to tell Google that these two sites are “far right” and…

2020 elections and Corporate Big Tech – it is us against them [Video]

Starting in 2016, we were all treated to a nauseating three years of allegations of “Russian collusion” with members of the Trump campaign team, continuing into his transition team (because he won the election rather handily in a very strategic electoral landslide). These allegations fettered the new president, preventing him from normalizing very strained relations…

New Jersey City Council Elections Face Allegations Of Voter Fraud

In a New Jersey city council election that was decided by just a handful of votes, over 3,000 ballots were reportedly set aside, raising questions about the legitimacy of the election.  As elections all over the country are taking place by mail-in ballot due to the coronavirus pandemic, the city council elections in Patterson, New…

South Korea: No Coronavirus Cases Linked to In-Person National Election

South Korea successfully held in-person elections this month without finding evidence for a single coronavirus transmission at an election station, South Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) announced this week, the Epoch Times reported on Thursday. “Twenty-nine million voters participated in the April 15 parliamentary election. … Not one [coronavirus] case related to the election…

A Proposed Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Eric Zuesse —— The U.S. President will be elected by means of a standardized physical and personally signed mail-in ballot, which, starting in the first month of the election-year, is mailed out to all registered voters, who are broken down into 100 different and all-inclusive randomly assigned daily batches of 1% of the electorate (5%…

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