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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

California dreaming… of turning RED? Larry Elder makes his case [Video]

Could the cesspool on the West Coast turn into a new stronghold of conservative values and government? Could the pandemic of lawlessness and “Defund the Police” powerlessness lead to strong security and great law enforcement? These questions and others like them are gaining interest as California reels from one-party rule, with extremely liberal and elitist…

The Christian core of the COVID-19 Passports issue [Video]

We know the idea of “Vaccination Passports” is being kicked around rather seriously within the US’ national government. Certainly Imposter-in-Chief Biden wants this, because he is afraid of COVID and wants us all to be afraid of it too. Certainly Drs Fauci and Birx appear to favor it because their success is largely based on…

Big Tech is trying to isolate us – Tucker Carlson snags Google [Video]

Tucker Carlson seems to be on track in the same manner as we are. On Tuesday evening, Tucker Carlson described how Google was employed by NBC News to try to cut off ZeroHedge and the Federalist sites. All that had to be done was to tell Google that these two sites are “far right” and…

2020 elections and Corporate Big Tech – it is us against them [Video]

Starting in 2016, we were all treated to a nauseating three years of allegations of “Russian collusion” with members of the Trump campaign team, continuing into his transition team (because he won the election rather handily in a very strategic electoral landslide). These allegations fettered the new president, preventing him from normalizing very strained relations…

US Army Deploys “Elite Trainers” To Help Colombia After Cocaine Production Triples

It's a shame that we're all likely going to be social distancing this Christmas, otherwise certain investment banks sound like they could be setting up for one hell of a holiday party. In fact, a party that's three times as better as its been in recent years.  That's because the U.S. is deploying "an elite group of military trainers"…

Elite US Marine Unit Conducts Live-Fire Drills In Persian Gulf “Message To Iran”

Days ago we took note of Secretary of State Pompeo's somewhat rare epic 'regime change tweet tirade' which included no less than nine fiery statements coming in minutes aimed at 'rogue regimes' Iran, Cuba and Venezuela. Though some pundits have noted the administration is looking for a "distraction" and way out of the nation's corona-crisis, perhaps…

Democrats cornered as President Trump blows up their inquiry

President Trump has got the Democrats right where he always wanted them to be: cornered. While the Democrats are trying to cry foul over this, it does appear that they know they are caught and they cannot get out of their position without either a humiliation or an utter defeat. They did this to themselves,…

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