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Sunday, January 24, 2021

New Mexico Republicans: Joe Biden’s Anti-Oil Position Puts State in Play

New Mexico Second Congressional District Republican nominee Yvette Herrell and New Mexico Republican Party Chairman Steve Pearce joined SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday where they discussed Joe Biden’s stance on energy and fuel and the impact it will have on Democrats in the state. After Biden came out against fracking and the oil industry and insisted he would transition…

Exclusive–‘Over My Dead Body’: Bill Cassidy Torches Joe Biden’s Plan to Shut Down Oil,...

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview on Friday that former Vice President Joe Biden would shut down America’s energy industry “over my dead body.” During Thursday night’s presidential debate between Biden and President Donald Trump, Biden pledged to shut down the oil industry. “I would transition from the oil industry,…

Joe Biden Doubles Down: End Fossil Fuels by 2050, Find ‘Alternatives’ for Laid Off...

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden seemingly doubled down on his promise to eliminate the fossil fuel industry and, as a result, millions of American energy workers’ jobs with his climate change plan. During Thursday night’s presidential debate, Biden committed to end the fossil fuel industry and replace it with “renewable energy over time.” “By the…

Greta Thunberg Defies China, Demands Release of Imprisoned Hong Kong Refugees

Swedish climate activist Great Thunberg on Saturday joined an online campaign demanding the release of 12 Hong Kong pro-democracy activists detained in China. The campaign calls for participants to post a photo of themselves holding up a placard with the hashtag “#Save12HongKongYouths” to social media and to nominate three others to do the same and spread awareness…

Joe Biden: No More Coal or Oil Plants in America

ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images Former Vice President Joe Biden said during the presidential debate on Tuesday night that, under his administration, the country will not build any more coal or oil plants in America. “Nobody’s going to build another coal-fired plant in America. No one’s going to build another oil-fired power plant in America.…

Four Arrested for Arson on the West Coast, One a ‘Regular Attendee’ of Anti-Cop...

Four individuals — two in Washington, one in Oregon, and another in California — have been arrested for arson as firefighters battle dozens of blazes across the West Coast. One of the arrestees is reportedly a “regular attendee” of anti-police rallies in Seattle. Michael Jarrod Bakkela, 41, has been accused of arson, partially sparking the…

Wildfire Smoke Causes Worst Air Quality in the World for San Francisco, Portland, and...

Smoke pollution from wildfires raging in California and across the Pacific Northwest worsened in San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, Oregon, on Friday, giving those cities and others in the region the worst air quality in the world, according to IQAir.com. Public health officials warned residents to keep indoors with the windows shut, to set air conditioners to run on…

VIDEO: 5-Year-Old Girl Rescues Swan from Storm Drain

A five-year-old Merrick, New York, girl, with help from some first responders and animal control, rescued a swan from a storm drain, according to ABC7NY. Video footage showed the girl on a walk with her grandmother when she noticed the trapped swan. Without hesitation, she texted her dad using Siri on her grandmother’s phone. “Daddy,…

Trump Hates Plastic Straw Ban: A Paper Straw ‘Disintegrates’ as You Drink

President Donald Trump voiced his opposition Thursday to the plastic straw bans supported by Democrat leftists across the country. “They want to ban straws,” Trump said. “Has anybody ever tried those paper straws? They aren’t working too good.” The president spoke about the straw bans during a campaign event in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, on Thursday evening…

Report– Looters Rob Firefighter Battling California Wildfires: ‘It’s Sickening’

Looters reportedly stole from a firefighter over the weekend in Santa Cruz, California, as he helped battle fires raging in the area. The Santa Cruz Fire Ground Commander had returned to his work vehicle and noticed his wallet was missing and then discovered his bank account was empty, according to KRON 4. “It’s unfortunate and sickening…

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