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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Coronavirus Deaths in Italy Pass 1,000

ROME — The number of deaths in Italy by the COVID-19 coronavirus passed the 1,000-mark Thursday, jumping by 189 to a total of 1,016 despite drastic measures to contain the virus. The number of new cases of coronavirus infection also went up significantly over a 24-hour period, adding 2,249 cases for a total of 12,839…

The best assessment possible about the coronavirus outbreak [Video]

A new piece on the LiveScience website covers recent developments in the biggest single current newsmaker around the world, the COVID-19 “coronavirus” outbreak. In listening and reading news from many sources, it appears that there is definitely great concern over this virus, but it is not always clear exactly why this is so. Today we are…

Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims He ‘Saved Millions of Lives’ from Ebola

CLAIM: Joe Biden claims he ‘saved millions of lives’ from Ebola. VERDICT: FALSE. Biden’s claim to have “saved millions of lives” in America from Ebola is highly speculative. According to CDC statistics, the 2014-2016 Ebola epidemic in Africa included about 28,600 infections and caused 11,325 documented fatalities. During the Democrat debate in South Carolina on…

Wuhan Coronavirus Arrives in Iraq and Afghanistan

Iraq and Afghanistan confirmed their first cases of the Wuhan coronavirus on Monday. Both cases were detected near the Iranian border and involved patients who recently traveled to Iran, where an outbreak spreading from the city of Qom has officially infected 61 people and killed 12, although a lawmaker from the area claims there have…

Xi Jinping Demands Obedience to Battle Coronavirus, Shifts Blame to Local Officials

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on Saturday published the text of a speech dictator Xi Jinping gave to the party central committee last week that provided some insight into how the Communists are attempting to manage the political fallout from the coronavirus epidemic.  In the speech, Xi claimed he has been managing the virus response…

Chinese Cities Seize Personal Property to Control Spread of Coronavirus

Shenzhen and Guangzhou, two of China’s largest cities, have been granted the authority to “requisition” personal property in order to halt the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus. The move is especially noteworthy because those two cities are key elements of China’s high-tech economic engine. Shenzhen and Guangzhou are located in Guangdong province, which has been…

Number of Coronavirus Cases Passes 20,000 with 427 Fatalities Reported

Chinese officials announced the total number of people infected by the Wuhan coronavirus now exceeds 20,000, with 427 fatalities reported worldwide. Officials reported 64 new deaths in China on Tuesday, making it the deadliest day of the epidemic so far. The health commission of Hubei, the province at the center of the outbreak, reported 2,345…

Hong Kong Hospital Workers Strike as Government Refuses to Close Border to Coronavirus

Hong Kong healthcare workers launched a five-day strike as threatened on Monday to protest their government’s refusal to completely seal the border with China until the coronavirus epidemic is under control. Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam responded by announcing more travel restrictions, closing down all land crossings except the bridges to Shenzhen and Zhuhai.…
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