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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Eric Garcetti Asks Demoralized LAPD to ‘Remember Why They Became Police Officers’

Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty LOS ANGELES, California — Mayor Eric Garcetti said that Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers who felt demoralized by recent protests and budget cuts should take heart and “remember why they became police officers.” Garcetti was speaking after numerous reports of “record low” morale in the LAPD, after the…

LAPD Morale Collapses to ‘Record Low’: ‘It’s Simply Not Worth It Any Longer’

Morale within the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is currently at a “record low,” thanks to the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests and the vilification of police by local politicians. Robert Harris, the director of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, told CBS Los Angeles that officers feel “beaten” and “bruised” by the ongoing protests.…

Left-wing Protest Demands L.A. School Police Be Abolished

David McNew / Getty A protest in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday demanded that the Los Angeles School Police Department, which protects public schools from gang violence and mass shootings, be abolished. Last week, the United Teachers Los Angeles, the union representing teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District, joined a Black Lives Matter demonstration…

Eric Garcetti Defines ‘Systemic Racism’: It’s ‘Racism That Is Built into Systems’

LOS ANGELES, California — Mayor Eric Garcetti was asked to define “systemic racism” on Wednesday evening, and answered that it is “racism that is built into systems.” Garcetti answered questions from reporters during a live-streamed press conference on the state of the city in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests, and the ongoing…

Eric Garcetti: I Wore a Mask When I Took a Knee

Mayor Eric Garcetti / Facebook LOS ANGELES, California — Mayor Eric Garcetti claimed Wednesday evening that he had worn a mask when he took a knee during Black Lives Matter protests last week — despite video and photographic evidence that he had not. Q: Were you following medical or scientific advice when you broke social…

Los Angeles: Homicides Soared 250%, Shootings 56%, During Protest Week

Homicides rose by 250% in Los Angeles, and the number of shooting victims rose by 56%, during the week ending June 6, according to the Los Angeles Police Department — the same week as the Black Lives Matter protests and riots. The week of 5/31 to 6/6, homicides went up 250% and victims shot went…

City Council President Cancels ‘Private LAPD Protection’ Outside Home After Moving to Cut LAPD...

An investigative reporter found a “private LAPD protection detail” outside the home of Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez after she introduced a motion to cut the department’s budget by $150 million. The LAPD detail appeared in April but was “canceled Thursday night” when Spectrum News contacted Martinez for comment. “After death threats to…

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti to Cut $150 Million from Police; ‘Reinvest’ in ‘Communities of...

LOS ANGELES, California — Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Wednesday evening that the City of Los Angeles would cut up to $150 million from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and “reinvest” the funds in the local black community. “This is bigger than just a budget, but I want you to know we will not be…

Los Angeles: Masks Now Mandatory When Leaving Home

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) announced Wednesday evening that residents must wear masks when leaving their homes as part of the city’s ongoing effort to combat the deadly Chinese coronavirus pandemic. “And as long as you’re not doing a solitary activity or with your own household, put that mask on,” Garcetti said. “Always now.”…

L.A. Homeless Shelter Worker Gerald Shiroma Dies of Coronavirus

Gerald Shiroma, a worker at the Union Rescue Mission homeless shelter in downtown Los Angeles, died from coronavirus late last week, according to shelter director Rev. Andrew Bales. Shiroma had worked his way out of homelessness. In a video posted to social media, Rev. Bales called Shiroma a “selfless, wonderful teammate,” and a “gentle soul”…
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