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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Exclusive — Eric Greitens: January 6 Committee Hearings Are ‘Massive Distraction’ from Biden’s Failures

Eric Greitens, former Missouri governor and current candidate for U.S. Senate, spoke with Breitbart News about how the January 6 committee’s primetime hearings are “a massive distraction from all of Joe Biden’s failures.” LISTEN: https://soundcloud.com/breitbart/eric-greitens-june-18-2022 Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle opened the interview with Greitens by asking him about the recent report that Stephen Colbert staffers were arrested…

Soros Prosecutor Kim Gardner Admits Wrongdoing Against Senate Candidate Eric Greitens

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner – who is funded by George Soros – admitted wrongdoing on Monday in her handling of the prosecution of former Missouri Governor and now-Senate candidate Eric Greitens. Gardner acknowledged she failed to disclose evidentiary documents to Greitens’ legal team, which she claimed had been provided to Greitens’ lawyers in the…

Missouri Poll: Former Gov. Eric Greitens Holds Strong Lead in 2022 Senate Republican Primary

Former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens (R) has a five-point lead months ahead of the state’s Republican primary when compared to his Republican opponents, according to the latest Missouri 2022 Senate race poll. The poll showed Greitens with a sizable five-point lead against the other Republican candidates in the latest poll from Remington Research Group and Missouri Scout. Greitens was…

Exclusive— Missouri’s Eric Greitens on Those Who Smeared Kyle Rittenhouse: ‘He Should Sue Them...

Eric Greitens, Former Missouri Governor, Navy SEAL, and current U.S Senate candidate, told Breitbart News Saturday Kyle Rittenhouse “should sue them all,” after his not guilty jury verdict. LISTEN: Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle began the show discussing Kyle Rittenhouse, who was found not guilty on Friday in the shooting of three men at a riot in…

Eric Greitens: Kamala Harris Refusal to Visit Border a ‘Total Failure of Leadership’

Former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens joined SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday, where he discussed “RINO” Republicans who refuse to “stand up and fight” and Vice President Kamala Harris’s failed leadership as “border czar.” “This is, unfortunately, an all too common story which your listeners have heard again and again, and that is of RINOs and establishment Republicans collapsing and…

Eric Greitens: Joe Biden Is Out of Touch with ‘Core American Values’

Former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, a Democrat turned Republican, joined SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday to discuss President Joe Biden’s recent address to Congress and how conservative Americans should get involved. “It is just another example of how truly radical this leftist agenda has become and how far Joe Biden is from core American values,” Greitens told host…

St. Louis In Turmoil As Prosecutor Publicly Undermines Her Own Police Force

September 06, 2019 7:33 PM ET A rash of recent gun violence and several officer-involved shootings have put St. Louis under the microscope. As tensions run high, politicians look for solutions in gun control policies and social programs, while local police officers wonder whether they have any support left in the prosecutor’s office. St. Louis…
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