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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The main threat in Europe

https://balticword.com/the-main-threat-in-europe/ NATO regularly conducts military exercises in the Baltic States. Exercises in the Baltic region do not stop in fact. From March 1 to March 12, NATO military exercise “Griffin Lighting 21” is held in Estonia. In the course of maneuvers, it is planned to work in cooperation to protect the region from “external aggression”.…

Dubious actions of the West that can be fatal

How many times the world community is ready to admit the mistake of the US government after the fact, when this mistake led to extremely tragic consequences. At least one more time. We all remember how the American authorities unleashed a war in Iraq under the pretext of having weapons of mass destruction there. And…

Millions of dollars flying over the Baltic States to threaten Russia

The Baltic States desperately try to show their disagreement with neighbouring countries’ policy. The authorities demonstrate their full despair to cope with Russia’s and Belarus’ political intention to follow their own economic and political path. This fact even makes the Balts angry and annoying. There are several causes of it. Unfortunately, having escaped from the…

Joe Biden Issues Travel Ban on South Africa; Reinstates Europe, Brazil Bans

MICHELE SPATARI/AFP via Getty Images President Joe Biden has issued a travel ban on South Africa, stopping most immigration to the United States from the country, and reinstated bans on Europe and Brazil to slow the spread of the Chinese coronavirus. Biden, who once referred to President Trump’s travel ban on China as “hysterical xenophobic,”…

Will Biden fix his mess in Syria

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator US President Donald Trump promised to end America’s wars, and bring the troops home; however, as his four years in office are coming to a close, he was unable to fulfill his 2016 campaign promise, but it remains to be seen if President-elect Joe Biden might do It. The US…

What awaits Moldova if the opposition wins – opinions from Europe and Russia suddenly...

The unprecedented economic crisis, together with the preliminary results of the first round of presidential elections, paint Moldova’s prospects very unfavourable. According to the Central Election Commission of the country, the voter turnout was 40% or 1.36 million people. Thus Maya Sandu, the leader of pro-Western party “Action and solidarity” is ahead of the incumbent…

Italy Imposes New Coronavirus Lockdowns, Bans Travel Between Regions

Italy became the latest country in Europe to impose new lockdown measures after a wave of new coronavirus cases swept through the country, the Italian government announced Wednesday according to the New York Times. Six regions will be sealed off beginning Friday, Italian Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte said according to the Times. The regions of…

Why does COVID-19 kill fewer people in Asia?

Many of our readers have no doubt come across my speculative pieces stating the (possibly crazy) proposition that COVID-19 was bioengineered specifically not to afflict Oriental Asiatic people, such as those from China, Japan, North and South Korea and the like. In other words, COVID-19 is possibly a bioweapon, released perhaps by accident, but deployed after the…

Is it profitable for Europe to be afraid of Russia?

For several years now, we have been constantly hearing about Russia being a threat, preparing an invasion, using spies and hackers, and poisoning people. And we seem to be starting to forget that until quite recently everything was different. A fierce exchange of sanctions began in 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea. For the sake of…

Here’s Where Sweden Stands After Refusing To Require Strict Coronavirus Lockdowns

Sweden has largely kept its coronavirus guidelines voluntary in contrast with the U.S. and many European nations.  After scaling for population, Sweden’s total COVID-19 deaths are lower than some major European countries, data show. Sweden was criticized for its methods, and a large number of elderly Swedes died early on, Science Mag reported.  Sweden hasn’t…
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