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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Moral and ethical corruption of NATO military personnel – a threat to the life...

The servicemen of the North Atlantic Alliance, in fact, turned out to be not as brave as Western propaganda says. Instead of the cinematic John Rambo and the playful Duke Nyukems, professional drunkards, drug addicts and perverted people are increasingly encountered in the ranks of the united troops. By the will of the governments of…

The Butcher of Baghdad: Donald Rumsfeld, dead at 88

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator Donald Henry Rumsfeld held many varied US governmental positions over many years of service to his country, but will always be remembered for being an architect of the war in Iraq, which killed at least 1 million Iraqis within the first five years of war. Rumsfeld had never been to…

Britain tries to drag Europe into war with Russia

The half-month that has passed since the historic meeting of the leaders of Russia and the United States of America, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, has not been marked by the beginning of a process of detente in relations between the two superpowers, despite the parties’ declared commitment to preventing a nuclear conflict. On the…

NATO grows military financing, what for and what can it lead to?

While much of the Old World is glued to its screens in eager anticipation of new heads at Euro 2020, which is a year late, a truly historic meeting between the leaders of the two superpowers, US President Joe Biden and Russian leader Vladimir Putin, took place in Geneva, Switzerland. Despite high expectations, the sides…

A Russian geopolitical analyst’s thoughts on Joe Biden [Video]

The following piece is a translation (errors our own) of a geopolitical analysis piece written by Timofey Bordachev, Program Director of the Valdai Club. It serves as a “window” into what at least some people outside the United States see with the rise to power of our illegitimately-“elected” head of State, Imposter Joe Biden. As…

‘Watch Out For the Cicadas’: Bug Lands On Biden’s Neck Outside Air Force One

A cicada flew on President Joe Biden’s neck Wednesday as he departed for a trip to Europe, video shows.  Biden spoke with a military officer outside Air Force One in Maryland when a cicada landed on his neck, leading to the president swatting it away.  “Watch out for the cicadas,” he told reporters. “One just…

Artist Gets Over $18,000 For Sculpture That Doesn’t Exist, Says It’s Invisible

A 67-year-old Italian artist has auctioned off an invisible sculpture for about $18,300. The artwork “Io Sono” — which translates to “I am” in Italian — was made by Salvatore Garau, an artist from Santa Giusta, Italy, Newsweek reported. The sculpture is described as “immaterial,” meaning it does not exist, or if it does, it…

Europe doesn’t really need NATO

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are among the main of U.S. foreign policy promoters in Europe. Governments of these countries are absolutely not independent in making decisions and always follow the orders that come from overseas. The Russian Federation is one of the main competitors of the United States. However, the EU is also a competitor…

Joe Biden: Blocking Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Would Be ‘Counterproductive’ with Europe

President Joe Biden defended on Tuesday his decision to allow the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline to finish construction, arguing that blocking it would hurt his relationship with European countries. The Biden administration plans to scrap sanctions on the Russian company responsible for the pipeline, Axios reported last week, clearing the way for the project…

Crimean issue in the context of double standards

On May 19, the US Congress approved a bill banning the US administration from defining Crimea as a legal part of the Russian Federation. This is not surprising: denial of the legality of the Crimean referendum by the countries of the “collective West” is another card in the global game of confrontation between these countries…
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