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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Joe Biden Warns: You Can’t ‘Reboot Global Economy’ Without ‘Bumps in the Road’

President Joe Biden warned Americans on Thursday not to expect a swift economic recovery after the coronavirus pandemic, predicting a future with some disappointing numbers. “Now as our economy recovers, there’s going to be some bumps in the road, we know that. Of course there will be,” Biden said. “You can’t reboot a global economy…

Poland Banned Same-Sex Unions And Adoption, But The EU Is Threatening To Override Them

March 11, 2021 5:34 PM ET Poland announced a new law Thursday which prohibited same-sex couples from adopting children, but the European Union responded by passing a resolution declaring the union an “LGBTIQ Freedom Zone,” Reuters reported. The new law would require Polish officials to conduct background checks on applicants seeking to adopt as a…

Will You Need A ‘Vaccine Passport’ To Return To Normal Life?

March 09, 2021 5:32 PM ET Society is slowly inching back toward a post-pandemic normality, and some government officials and business leaders want to speed up that process with the introduction of “vaccine passports.”

Europe Applauds Biden’s Surrender of America First Policies in G7 Speech

President Joe Biden on Friday rejected the “America First” policies that started no wars and brought about Middle East peace agreements, objectives that had not been achieved for decades under either political party. Biden’s G7 speech drew praise from foreign nations. “Biden gave exactly the speech that many Europeans wanted to hear – an America that pats you…

Vaccines: Brexit Britain Willing to Help Bail Out Failing EU

The British government is willing to “move on” from the European Union’s aborted effort to impose a hard border between EU Ireland and British Northern Ireland and help Brussels overcome its vaccine failures. Britain has far outperformed the European Union on vaccines after opting out joint procurement — a decision heavily criticised by EU loyalists…

EU Member States Rubber-Stamp Brexit Deal, Tory Eurosceptics May Back Johnson in Vote, Ulster...

Representatives from the 27 remaining European member states “provisionally” approved the Brexit deal agreed between London and Brussels negotiators on Monday, while Tory Eurosceptics may vote in favour of the deal this week, despite concerns about scrutiny. Ambassadors form EU member states met in Brussels Monday, and unanimously approved the Brexit deal. The move opens…

George Floyd Protests are Changing the world

Many people around the world have watched with growing unease at the civil unrest in the U.S. after the latest in a series of police killings of black men and women. Floyd died on May 25 in Minneapolis after a white police officer pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck until he stopped breathing. The officer…

Brexit Boost: Nissan Backs Britain, Invests 400m in Sunderland Car Factory

The Nissan Motor Company has announced that it will be doubling down on its investments in the United Kingdom, bucking predictions by anti-Brexiteers that the British car industry would crumble after Brexit. As a part of a £1 billion investment scheme at its British factory in Sunderland, Nissan announced that it has already invested £400…

UK Prepares For EU Brexit Deal Negotiations: Legally Separate and Will Walk Away if...

The British government has published its positions for the post-Brexit trade negotiations due to begin with the European Union next week, placing itself on a clearly divergent path from Brussels on the kind of deal envisioned, and the terms it might be struck under. The full extent of the gulf between expectations from the British…

Vector of the European political agenda is changing: Russia is becoming a necessary partner

One of the main political events of the past week was the Munich Security Conference, which brought together more than 150 heads of state, senior diplomats and prime ministers in the Bavarian capital for an open discussion of burning issues of the current political agenda. A topic important for discussion was the vector of further…

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