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EU Plan Declares Nuclear Power and Natural Gas ‘Green Energy’

ROME, Italy — The European Commission has issued a draft recommendation including nuclear energy and natural gas on a list of investments that qualify as “green” energy. The proposal allows investments in nuclear power plants to be classified as green until 2045 while natural gas investments can be considered green until at least 2030 if…

FACT CHECK: Did The International Air Transport Association Ban Sierra Leone’s President From Flights?

An image shared on Facebook allegedly shows an International Air Transport Association (IATA) letter saying Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio has been banned from member flights.Facebook/Screenshot Verdict: False There is no record of the IATA releasing the letter. Verdict: False The IATA, a trade association, represents about 290 airlines across the globe, according to…

EU Opens Floodgates For Countries To Start Banning American Tourists. Will Any Of Them...

The U.S. was taken off the European Union’s safe travel list on Monday, with the international body recommending its 27 nations to reenact restrictions on American tourists. Rising coronavirus cases in the U.S. promoted the European Council to remove the country from its safe list for nonessential travel. The decision reverses the one it made…

GOP Reps Torch EU For Sending Official To Attend Inauguration Of New Iran President...

A group of House Republicans sent a Tuesday letter to the European Union (EU), slamming the governing body for sending a senior official to the inauguration of Iran’s new president, Ebrahim Raisi. The letter was sent to the vice president of the European Commission, Josep Borrell Fontelles, and was spearheaded by New York Rep. Claudia…

Multiculturalist Liberals Hate Hungary for Being a Pro-Borders, Traditional Values Success: Orban

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán believes that his government is targeted for criticism because the liberal left cannot bear to see a country that promotes a Christian national identity over multiculturalism, strong borders, and traditional values succeeding. Quizzed by Tucker Carlson on why, as a former anti-Communist dissident once admired in the West, he believes…

Biden Administration, American Allies Hammer Belarus With New Sanctions After Journalist Detained

Western governments handed down a new wave of sanctions onto Belarus Monday in response to the forced grounding of a Ryanair flight in order to detain journalist Roman Protasevich. The sanctions impose travel bans, asset freezes and financial penalties on multiple state-owned Belarusian companies, according to Reuters. Allies of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko are the…

A Russian geopolitical analyst’s thoughts on Joe Biden [Video]

The following piece is a translation (errors our own) of a geopolitical analysis piece written by Timofey Bordachev, Program Director of the Valdai Club. It serves as a “window” into what at least some people outside the United States see with the rise to power of our illegitimately-“elected” head of State, Imposter Joe Biden. As…

Muslim Radical Shot Dead After Stabbing Policewoman, Stealing Gun, Taking Hostage

A 29-year-old Muslim radical on a French terror watchlist was fatally shot by police after stabbing a female police officer at a local police station, stealing her gun, and sparking an intensive manhunt ending in a hostage-taking and shoot-out. The attack took place at a municipal police station in La Chapelle-sur-Erdre near Nantes and saw the…

Joe Biden Warns: You Can’t ‘Reboot Global Economy’ Without ‘Bumps in the Road’

President Joe Biden warned Americans on Thursday not to expect a swift economic recovery after the coronavirus pandemic, predicting a future with some disappointing numbers. “Now as our economy recovers, there’s going to be some bumps in the road, we know that. Of course there will be,” Biden said. “You can’t reboot a global economy…

Poland Banned Same-Sex Unions And Adoption, But The EU Is Threatening To Override Them

March 11, 2021 5:34 PM ET Poland announced a new law Thursday which prohibited same-sex couples from adopting children, but the European Union responded by passing a resolution declaring the union an “LGBTIQ Freedom Zone,” Reuters reported. The new law would require Polish officials to conduct background checks on applicants seeking to adopt as a…

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