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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Spain Deploying Army to Enforce New COVID Restrictions

Spanish officials have requested the army deploy to the streets of Madrid to help enforce a new 'partial lockdown' amid a reported surge in coronavirus infections.Roughly 850,000 residents of 37 neighborhoods in the capital city have been ordered to limit their social interactions and restrict their movement except for essential reasons, such as work, school,…

UK Judge Cancels Migrant Deportation Flight at Last Minute Over ‘Human Rights’ Concerns

A charter flight set to transport nearly 20 illegal migrants out of the United Kingdom was canceled by a judge just hours before departure after human rights claims were filed on behalf of some of the migrants, according to reports.At least 18 migrants hailing mostly from the Middle East were due for deportation to Spain…

Hungary Makes Applying For Asylum Even Tougher

Migrants hoping to apply for asylum in Hungary reportedly face even more obstacles than before, thanks to policies implemented amid the coronavirus crisis.Prospective refugees must now file initial screening applications at embassies in either Kiev, Ukraine, or Belgrade, Serbia, and no longer at the Hungarian border, according to reports.Previously, migrants could apply for asylum in…

Dutch Police Urge Government to Deport Criminal Illegals

Police in the Netherlands are calling on the government to increase deportations of illegal aliens who commit repeated crimes in the country, according to reports.The Dutch Police Union (NPB) issued an appeal to politicians after an officer's tweet drawing attention to the issue went viral.Officer Bas Wijnen revealed he had recently encountered a Moroccan man…

Sweden: Middle Eastern Men Arrested in Rape, Torture of Boys in Cemetery

Two men of Middle Eastern descent have been arrested in the kidnapping, rape, and torture of two boys in a cemetery near Stockholm, according to reports.A pair of underage boys were discovered naked and badly beaten in a cemetery in Solna, Sweden, on Sunday morning.“The boys, who were found undressed in a cemetery, are said…

Muslim Immigration ‘Destabilizing’ Denmark, Ex-Official Warns

Denmark's former immigration minister has warned non-Western, Islamic migrants are 'destabilizing' the country via crime, cultural transformation, welfare abuse, and myriad other issues.Inger Støjberg, who was known for a taking relatively hardline approach while serving as Minister for Immigration, Integration, and Housing from 2015 to 2019, asserted that many migrants from outside Europe are refusing…

Belgium: Doctors Urge Families to Wear Masks at Home as Belgians Tire of COVID...

Doctors in Belgium are calling on members of large families to wear face masks at home as studies indicate Belgians are growing weary and skeptical of draconian coronavirus rules.The Brussels Federation of General Practitioners (BHAK) is now urging increased ‘safety measures’ in households where multiple generations live together, saying masks should be worn at home…

French Officers Deploy Tear Gas to Escape Mob Ambush

French police officers were forced to use tear gas while escaping a large group of assailants in the commune of Roquefort-la-Bédoule on Monday night.A patrol responded to calls about a brawl between approximately 20 people in the city center just before midnight.Upon arriving, three officers found themselves facing an aggressive mob and at least one…

‘Youth Gangs’ Terrorizing Families in Belgium Neighborhood

Gangs of 'young people' armed with dangerous weapons are wreaking havoc on residents and families in the Ledeberg district of Ghent, Belgium, according to reports.So-called 'youth gangs' have been getting "out of hand" while battling each other with bats, stakes, and sharp objects, frequently damaging property in areas normally used for light commerce and relaxation,…

French Riot Police Deployed to Enforce Mask Laws

Riot police will be patrolling Marseille, France, to enforce draconian mask laws imposed on residents and visitors to the seaside city, according to officials.A deployment of 130 officers from the Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité (CRS), a reserve branch of the French National Police that specializes in crowd and riot control, will join local police in…
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