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Friday, December 3, 2021

EXCLUSIVE Update: Palestinian Violence in Israel Advances, Clubhouse App Continues to Allow Jihadists Plan...

Angela Van Der Pluym Posted On May 11, 2021 The Clubhouse App is still facilitating Palestinian terrorism on its platform. They are using the app to speak in open forums for “updates” about what is going on between jihadists and Israelis as Hamas terrorists continue to fire missiles into Israel. Today, they have planned mass…

EXCLUSIVE: Providence, Rhode Island Schools Neglect Special Needs Program and Focus on Critical Race...

Parents and teachers have related significant concerns with the Providence, Rhode Island school district. Recently hired Superintendent, Harrison Peters, has made significant progressive changes during covid, affecting the Special Education department and the curriculum. One of superintendent Peters’s first actions was to fire over 30 staff members while bringing in people from his previous jobs…

EXCLUSIVE: Radical Muslim Progressive Running to be Manhattan District Attorney

Tahanie Aboushi, a Sharia compliant Muslim woman has announced her candidacy for District Attorney of Manhattan, New York for the June 21 Primary election. Manhattan has had 4 DAs in the last century, all of whom contributed to the mass incarceration & criminalization of people of color. It's time for change. I am running to…

EXCLUSIVE: Black Supporters of Reparations Take To “Clubhouse” and Share Anti-Jewish Tropes

Commenders of the Holocaust took to “Clubhouse”, a popular new app with over a million users, this morning around 10 am; showing their support of Hitler for making Germany a superpower. The event entitled, “The Jews&Asians vs Black Reparations is the REAL BATTLE,” was held for over two hours and the discussion was filled antisemitic…

EXCLUSIVE: Rand Paul Says Martin Luther King Jr. Wouldn’t Know What to Do In...

On Tuesday, Heritage Foundation held a Webinar on Election Integrity with Senator Rand Paul as their featured guest. During the 30 min discussion, they mentioned what happened in 2020 and what needs to happen in order to succeed in 2022. ‘“Courts fully heard the election cases,” is an untrue statement and that the truth is…

BREAKING: Justice Thomas recognizes Laura Loomer’s Fight In SCOTUS Opinion

Laura Loomer Posted On April 5, 2021 Loomer isn’t backing down from her fight against the Big Tech Tyrants, and SCOTUS has taken notice. After they deferred my case five times in a row, the United States Supreme Court denied to hear my case against Big Tech for their ongoing censorship and discrimination against conservatives.…

EXCLUSIVE: Vehicular Jihad Attack At The Capitol on Passover and Good Friday

Latest Update: Noah Green, 25 year old black male from Indiana, was a follower of Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan is the leader of a terrorist organization known as the Nation of Islam, and a black supremacist. Many with this extremist ideology have a deep rooted hate for Christians and Jews alike. They are no fans of…

Islamic Terrorists Have More Access To Guns and Social Media In Joe Biden’s America...

In Joe Biden’s America, known Islamic terrorists now have more access to purchase firearms and use social media than outspoken conservative journalists.  In the aftermath of the recent Islamic terrorist attack in Boulder, Colorado last week, it has since been revealed that the shooter, 21-year-old Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, was able to legally purchase a firearm on March 16th,  just six days before…

Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer Banned From Payment Processing Company Stripe

Florida Congressional candidate and outspoken conservative activist Laura Loomer received notice last night via email that the payment processing company Stripe would no longer accept payments for The Loomer Project. “I’m writing to let you know that we are no longer able to accept payments for The Loomer Project after 2021-04-12. After a recent review…

EXCLUSIVE: Colorado ISIS Terrorist Targeted Jews At Kosher Market The Week Of Passover

Illoominate Media has exclusively learned that Ahmad al-Issa, the ISIS inspired Islamic terrorist who killed 10 people in an attack on Monday, perpetrated his targeted attack on King Soopers, a kosher friendly supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. King Soopers is known by Jews as a place where they can purchase their food easily due to their…
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