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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Wikipedia Admins Censor Name of Alleged Ukraine ‘Whistleblower’

As reports circulated identifying Eric Ciaramella as the alleged “whistleblower” driving efforts to impeach President Donald Trump, Wikipedia editors attempted to mention him in articles on the site. However, Wikipedia admins used their advanced privileges to delete records of his name, block creation of pages on Ciaramella, and even banned his name completely. After Donald…

California AG Accuses Facebook Of Failing To Comply With Subpoenas Regarding Privacy Investigation

November 07, 2019 5:00 PM ET California Attorney General Xavier Becerra accused Facebook of not complying with subpoena requests regarding a privacy investigation by the state in a lawsuit released Wednesday. Becerra asked the San Francisco Superior Court force the tech giant to adequately respond to requests for information related to the probe that started…

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Meets with Al Sharpton

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly sat down with Al Sharpton for a meeting at the CEO’s home this week. Reuters reports that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sat down with Al Sharpton for a “no-holds-barred-meeting” at the CEO’s home recently, with the main focus of the conversation revolving around Facebook’s decision not to fact-check ads from…

Amazon, Google, Apple Assistants Can Be Hijacked with $14 Laser Pointer

A recent report alleges that digital assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant can be hijacked with cheap laser pointers. Business Insider reports that a team of researchers from Tokyo’s University of Electro-Communications and the University of Michigan claim to have discovered a way to “hijack” voice-enabled devices by shining a laser at…

FACT CHECK: Did Jimmy Carter Say, ‘If You Don’t Want Your Tax Dollars To...

An image shared on Facebook more than 1,200 times claims former President Jimmy Carter said, “If you don’t want your tax dollars to help the poor – then stop saying you want a country based on Christian Values, because you don’t.” Verdict: False There is no record of Carter ever making the statement. Comedian John Fugelsang…

Watch: Zuckerberg Tells Congress How Facebook Censors Vaccine Safety

Zuck admits Facebook doesn’t recommend anti-vax groups to users Infowars.com - November 4, 2019 Comments Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted during congressional testimony that the social media site actively censors vaccine safety information, especially when it comes to tamping down viral stories about vaccine injuries.In a back and forth with Congressman Bill Posey (R-Fla.) on…

WhatsApp Hackers Target Government Officials Around The World: Report

November 01, 2019 5:31 PM ET Hackers targeted multiple government officials in U.S.-allied countries through the Facebook-owned WhatsApp, according to people familiar with the messaging app’s investigation. The perpetrators, who used WhatsApp to take over 1,400 users’ phones between April and May, hacked a “significant” number of high-profile government and military officials’ phones across 20…

Aaron Sorkin Used Fake News To Hit Zuckerberg For Not Fact-Checking Facebook’s Political Ads

October 31, 2019 4:30 PM ET Film director Aaron Sorkin made numerous factual errors in a New York Times editorial Thursday lambasting Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for posting politicians’ false advertisements. Sorkin took issue with Zuckerberg’s decision to cite free speech and freedom of expression as the chief reason why he implemented a policy protecting…

Facebook Exec Defends Decision to Include Breitbart in Curated News Tab

Facebook’s head of news partnerships, Campbell Brown, has defended the company’s decision to include Breitbart News in the social media site’s curated News tab. Business Insider reports that Facebook’s Head of News Partnerships, Campbell Brown, has defended the site’s decision to include news agencies such as Breitbart News in the social media platforms newly announced…

Mainstream Media Meltdown: Journos Freak Out over Breitbart’s Inclusion in Facebook News Tab

Mainstream journos are freaking out at Mark Zuckerberg following news that Facebook might make them compete on a slightly more equal playing field with Breitbart News. The mass mainstream media meltdown was sparked by reports that Facebook will include Breitbart News in its new “Facebook News,” feature, which delivers news stories to Facebook users from a…

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