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Facebook suspends Venezuela President Maduro

by Alex Christoforou March 29, 2021 312 Views 4 Votes 5 Comments Facebook suspends Venezuela President Maduro ****News Topic 345***** Emboldened to censor world leaders, Facebook suspends Venezuela’s President Maduro Emboldened to censor world leaders, Facebook suspends Venezuela’s President Maduro Facebook says Maduro posted coronavirus misinformation and temporarily locked him out. Help us grow. Support…

FACT CHECK: Did The UN Announce It Will Become A ‘World Religion’?

A post shared on Facebook claims the United Nations (U.N.) declared it will become a “world religion to impose humanitarian laws.” Verdict: False There is no record of the UN making such a statement. The U.N. is supportive of religious freedom, according to its website. Fact Check: The lengthy post makes several claims about the…

FACT CHECK: Did Jimmy Fallon Call Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ‘One Of The Best...

An image shared on Facebook claims “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon said Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is “one of the best world leaders.” Verdict: False There is no record of Fallon saying the quote attributed to him. Fact Check: The Facebook post features a picture of Fallon alongside the quote: “The way President Duterte…

FACT CHECK: Did Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Refuse To Take His Company’s COVID-19 Vaccine?

A post shared on Facebook claims Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla refused to take his company’s vaccine. Verdict: False Bourla did not immediately receive the Pfizer vaccine because he did want to cut in front of people who needed it more. He has since been vaccinated with it, according to a company spokesperson. Fact Check: Pfizer…

FACT CHECK: Did Arab News Report That A Specific Female Captain Was Involved In...

An image shared on Facebook purportedly shows an Arab News article with the headline: “Cargo ship crashes into Suez canal. First female Arab Lloyd captain involved in incident.” Verdict: False Arab News did not publish an article with that headline. The pictured woman, an Egyptian sea captain who said she works on a boat owned…

Biden Schedules First Press Conference At Same Exact Time as Big Tech Hearing on...

You know what they say… There’s no such thing as coincidences! Today on Capitol Hill, two important meetings took place… at the same exact time. The first Presidential press conference of the Joe Biden administration and a Big Tech hearing in the US Congress before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. The timing and planning…

FACT CHECK: Did CNN Air A Chyron Saying The Boulder Shooter Was ‘Factually Arab,...

An image shared on Instagram purportedly shows CNN airing a news chyron that reads: “Investigation: Shooter Was Factually Arab, But Morally White.” Instagram/Screenshot Verdict: False The chyron has been digitally altered. The doctored image first appeared in a satire article. Fact Check: The image of the alleged CNN banner started circulating after a deadly mass…

BOKHARI: Judge Silberman’s Dissenting Opinion Should Remind GOP Why JCPA Is a Terrible Bill

In the sequel to the Hunger Games (an increasingly prescient dystopian tale), heroine Katniss Everdeen, a reluctant dissident against the  ruling regime, is given a piece of critical advice: “remember who the real enemy is.” The advice is important — in the story, a key tool of the regime’s control was its ability to force…

More Censorship: “Problematic” Facebook Groups Will Now Be Hidden From Recommended Lists, Banned

Tom Alison, VP of Engineering for Facebook posted a new change to the social media platform on the site’s Newsroom website on Wednesday. In order to curve what Facebook calls “hateful content” and “misinformation” being shared and discussed online, they’ve made some changes that will effect Facebook Groups, and their members. The update reads: “Today…

CALL TO ACTION: Here’s How You Can Help Get FL’s Big Tech Censorship Bill...

Laura Loomer Posted On March 18, 2021 URGENT AND TIMELY As you have heard from me, The Florida House of Representatives is considering a bill titled Transparency In Technology Act, HB 7013. This bill was first discussed by Governor DeSantis as a way to stop the deplatforming of candidates and egregious political censorship of Floridians…
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