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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Fact Check False: UK News Publication Claims Kyle Rittenhouse Shot ‘Three Black Men’

The Independent falsely claimed that Kyle Rittenhouse “shot three black men with rifle” after he was cleared of two charges of murder, one charge of attempted murder, and two charges of reckless endangerment in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The legacy British news outlet, which no longer publishes a print edition but retains an online audience and influence in…

Exclusive — Sean Spicer: ‘Ridiculousness of Press Corps Is an Insult to Journalism’

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Corporate American media is acting as the ultimate gatekeeper of information in an effort to control the official narrative and keep the public to knowing the truth about current events, former White House press secretary Sean Spicer expressed on Breitbart News Saturday. “Just think of the Hunter Biden story. They literally blacked it…

IG Report Exonerates Trump: He Did Not Tear Gas Peaceful Protesters to Clear Park...

The inspector general of the U.S Department of the Interior released a report Wednesday exonerating President Donald Trump from false claims that he used tear gas to clear “peaceful protesters” from Lafayette Square for a Bible photo-op. Last June 1, President Trump delivered a speech at the White House denouncing nationwide riots, then walked through…

Media Ran With Early Reports On The Columbus Shooting Only To Be Wrong

Media outlets and public figures immediately reported Tuesday afternoon that police had killed an unarmed 16-year-old girl in Columbus, Ohio. As it turns out, they were wrong. Police did shoot and kill 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant, but she was armed. Body camera footage from the incident showed Bryant pushing one woman down on the sidewalk before…

Daniel Miller: Vaccine passports gateway to radical slavery [Video]

Sometimes in our pieces our readers send us leads to similar and consonant news or opinion pieces. My recent piece calling attention to the construction of American-run biological laboratories in Ukraine generated a link that led to a very interesting piece by a writer named Daniel Miller. It is his piece which we present below…

Sheryl Attkisson simply LEVELS the mainstream bias [Video]

I was made aware of this video about one month ago, and I kept “meaning to get back to it” because it is a great topic but it is also very lengthy. This is a nearly one-hour presentation made at the American Hillsdale College, one of the last bastions of conservative higher education in the…

All the medical facts of Navalny poisoning

Norma D. Kramer Reply to  Ozymandias March 6, 2021 If you want to earn extra income every month … look no further! This is a great opportunity for anyone to earn $ 22,537 to $ 29,468 a month while working in their spare time on a home computer … I do this for 2 months…

Trump supporter speaks frustration from his own experience at the Capitol [Video]

There are a couple inaccuracies here, but the video is important. Let’s get the inaccuracies out of the way first: President Trump did not concede the election. He did say that he will work with the transition team. That is different. He noted so in his message. President Trump did sense the Vice President Mike…

CBC: “completely overwhelming” emergency room report – except it is fake!

source Unlike other nurses and doctors reporting declining COVID deaths, the CBC reports that a nurse in Manitoba is coping with a dire situation at Bethesda Regional Health Centre in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada.  A local reporter goes to the scene to video the situation and finds a completely different situation. Hmmm? According to the nurse…

How low can Australian MSM go?

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