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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Citizens Hack Chinese Spy Drone To Warn Against COVID Scam

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Watch: President Trump Announces Amy Coney Barrett As Supreme Court Nominee

Skip to content Senate Republicans pledge to confirm nominee before Election Day Infowars.com - September 26, 2020 Comments President Trump announced Saturday at the White House that judge Amy Coney Barrett will be the nominee to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.Barrett, a Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals…

BLM Firebombed Business After Owner Stood Up To Them

Gang harassed business owner trying to protect his store who said, ‘I don’t see color’ Infowars.com - September 26, 2020 Comments A group of Black Lives Matter protesters were filmed confronting a Louisville storeowner demanded his allegiance to the BLM movement during the ongoing Breonna Taylor protests.Footage shows Louisville business owner Fadi Faouri posted outside…

Gayle King Calls Out Pelosi’s ‘Insulting’ Rhetoric After Speaker Slammed Trump’s ‘Henchmen’

‘Your language, to some, is just as egregious as what they’re saying,’ she says Infowars.com - September 26, 2020 Comments Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi received pushback Friday from CBS host Gayle King over her incendiary rhetoric against President Trump and Republicans.When asked on “CBS This Morning” why Democrat candidate Joe Biden shouldn’t debate Trump…

Louisville BLM Protester Only Charged with Assault & Wanton Endangerment For Shooting Line of...

National Police Association demands shooter be charged with attempted murder Infowars.com - September 26, 2020 Comments A Black Lives Matter protester was arrested after attempting to assassinate Louisville Police Officers on Wednesday night, two of whom were hit by gunfire.Video shows a man identified by authorities as 26-year old Larynzo Johnson firing over 10 shots…

Trump Admin Tells Sudan: Normalize Ties With Israel Or Else Stay On Terrorism List

Skip to content Comes after Trump forged peace agreement between Israel, UAE and Bahrain Sudan could possibly become the third Arab League member state to normalize ties with Israel, after the UAE and Bahrain inked historic, unprecedented agreements to establish peaceful diplomatic relations and economic cooperation.However, there remains a significant hurdle given the Trump administration…

Must Watch: Joe Biden Says Trump Disrespects Troops — But He Calls Them ‘Stupid...

Total hypocrisy by Democrat candidate once again on display just weeks before election Infowars.com - September 25, 2020 Comments Video from 2016 has surfaced showing Joe Biden denigrate U.S. soldiers to their faces during a speech in the Middle East, calling them “stupid bastards” and “slow.”“Notwithstanding what you might have heard about me,” Biden said,…

Watch: CNN Host Flustered as Minorities Explain They’re Voting for Trump

Skip to content ‘I think the president is making every effort to do his best for people of color and people that are not of color’ Infowars.com - September 25, 2020 Comments CNN host Alisyn Camerota appeared surprised to hear from minorities explaining why they’re supporting President Donald J. Trump’s reelection this November.“I think the…

Trump Faces “Biblical” Challenge “Against Demonic Forces of New World Order,” Archbishop Warns

‘He is preparing to fight against the demonic forces of the Deep State and against the New World Order’ President Donald Trump is currently embroiled in a “biblical” battle against the “demonic forces” of the New World Order, an archbishop has warned. In a letter intended to be read at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast…

Wild Video: Convict Flees Courthouse During Sentencing

A fugitive has been captured after more than three days on the run following a dramatic escape from an Ohio courthouse. Nickolaus Garrison, 34, had been convicted of felony methamphetamine possession and was sentenced to nearly two years in prison during a hearing at the Highland County Courthouse on Monday morning, the Times-Gazette of Hillsboro…
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