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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Clementine Ford And The Rise Of The Cry Bully

If you are not au fait with the phrase cry bully, she is a woman who punches a man in the face then curses him for bruising her knuckles. Cry bullies come in both sexes and all sixty-four genders, but social justice warriors and feminists make up the majority. If you haven’t heard of Clementine…

No Glass Ceiling In The Men’s Rights Movement

The UK’s Mike Buchanan has just announced his resignation from the leadership of Justice 4 Men And Boys, and has handed over the post to Elizabeth Hobson (pictured). Feminists may be surprised, but people familiar with the organisation will not. Elizabeth is the mother of two young sons and has her head screwed on right,…

The True History Of Female Emancipation (Part 3)

Another field that was dominated by men was publishing, and again thanks to their investment and enabling, women would rise to prominence as authors of fiction. The famous Brontë sisters may have had short lives, but their works are still read with enthusiasm today. Emily Brontë died aged just  thirty, possibly because she ignored medical…

The True History Of Female Emancipation (Part 2)

In the ancient world, sons were preferred to daughters because they were expected to support their parents in old age. In the Arab world, if a woman gave birth to a daughter who was considered “superfluous” to requirements, she would be taken into the desert and buried alive. The Prophet himself is said to have…

The True History Of Female Emancipation (Part 1)

An exhibition called Unfinished Business: The Fight for Women’s Rights was due to open at the British Library April 24. With the current situation there are of course serious doubts about its opening at all, but it is scheduled to run until August, so presumably the entire event won’t be cancelled. The British Library rightly styles…

Taylor Swift Loses The Plot

If English is your first language or even if it isn’t, you have surely heard of Taylor Swift, but if she is nothing more than a name to you, here is a quick summary: She was born in 1989, and while still in her teens she hit the big time as a singer-songwriter. She has…

Chrissy Teigen Raising Son Miles to Be ‘Ultimate Feminist’

(UPI) — Chrissy Teigen says she’s raising her son, Miles, to support women and be the “ultimate feminist.” The 34-year-old model and television personality discussed her children and her approach to parenting in the spring-summer issue of Glamour U.K. magazine. Teigen has two kids, Miles, 21 months, and daughter Luna, 3, with her husband, singer…

Northeastern Prof: Elizabeth Warren Is the First ‘Intersectional’ Candidate

Northeastern University Professor Suzanna Danuta Walters, who is perhaps best known for her Washington Post column entitled “Why Can’t We Hate Men?” is back this week with a new column in which she claims that Senator Elizabeth Warren is the first “intersectional” candidate for president. A new column in the Nation this week from Northeastern Professor Susanna…

Feminism Is Perverting The Rule Of Law In Britain (Part 1)

Almost all Western politicians pay at least lip service to feminist ideology because few if any recognise its toxicity. In Britain especially, the insane dogma of feminism has had a pernicious influence on both social policy and the law.  And it continues to do so. An in-depth discussion of this matter would take us far…

Feminist Backlash After Sanitary Pad Company Caves to Trans-Activists

Spencer Platt/Getty Women and several prominent feminists have called for a boycott of Always sanitary pads after it was revealed that the company decided to remove a female symbol from their products amidst pressure from transgender activists groups. An 18-year-old British trans activist named Ben Saunders complained to Procter & Gamble (P&G), the maker of…

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