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Thursday, September 23, 2021

The Five Fails Of Feminism

Feminism is presented to the world by its advocates as a benign movement for necessary social change. In reality it is no such thing. The Australian feminist Van Badham said it is a movement for equality that has never thrown a bomb or fired a gun. She may well believe that, but she is wrong…

Emma-Jayne Magson And The Feminist Cult Of Victim Blaming — Part 2

The smears came inside and outside the courtroom. Patricia Knight said she held Magson’s mother and Justice For Women responsible for these lies. The former went on TV and claimed James had a history of abusing women. She also claimed/admitted she had been a bad mother, which may be true because Magson had been raised…

Phildaelphia rioting now IGNORED by CNN and MSM outlets [Video]

When Fox News reported on the shooting of a black man (notice I did not capitalize his race, like most of the media are doing!) by police officers in Philadelphia, my initial thought was oh, hell, just when Trump seemed to be pulling ahead… For sure, I thought, the mainstream media would be billboarding this all…

EMMA HUMPHREYS — Homage To A Teenage Murderess

On October 30, a virtual prize giving will be held for the annual Emma Humphreys award, the first such prize giving to be held on-line. Emma Humphreys died in 1998 at the young age of thirty. What was the great achievement in her short life that brought her praise, adulation, even homage, you might ask?…

Democrat liberal MELTDOWNS at RGB’s passing [Video]

The commentator of this video from LIberal Hivemind makes an extremely salient point: President Trump has not governed as a “conservative ideologue” might. While it is true that Donald Trump is the most pro-LIFE president in history, he is also one of the most liberal, having supported same-sex marriage since before ever running for President, and being…

From the Inside: Observations about America in our times [Video]

This piece comprises the thoughts of a friend in America about our nation’s current situation. In his observations, he offers some positive fallout that he believes will come from all the present madness. We offer his text with only minor edits for clarity and emphasis on content. We also have attached a video from a…

Clementine Ford And The Rise Of The Cry Bully

If you are not au fait with the phrase cry bully, she is a woman who punches a man in the face then curses him for bruising her knuckles. Cry bullies come in both sexes and all sixty-four genders, but social justice warriors and feminists make up the majority. If you haven’t heard of Clementine…

No Glass Ceiling In The Men’s Rights Movement

The UK’s Mike Buchanan has just announced his resignation from the leadership of Justice 4 Men And Boys, and has handed over the post to Elizabeth Hobson (pictured). Feminists may be surprised, but people familiar with the organisation will not. Elizabeth is the mother of two young sons and has her head screwed on right,…

The True History Of Female Emancipation (Part 3)

Another field that was dominated by men was publishing, and again thanks to their investment and enabling, women would rise to prominence as authors of fiction. The famous Brontë sisters may have had short lives, but their works are still read with enthusiasm today. Emily Brontë died aged just  thirty, possibly because she ignored medical…

The True History Of Female Emancipation (Part 2)

In the ancient world, sons were preferred to daughters because they were expected to support their parents in old age. In the Arab world, if a woman gave birth to a daughter who was considered “superfluous” to requirements, she would be taken into the desert and buried alive. The Prophet himself is said to have…

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