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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

THESE 4 Signs Every Investor Must Watch! How Interest Rates Determine Investor Psychology

source / The Money GPS Every investor must keep a close eye on the activity in the markets. There are countless examples of unparalleled excess. Just look at virtually any asset class, including new speculative assets. In fact, the more speculative, the better the returns. All of this of course is brought on by central…

News: Sales Boomerang Becomes Affiliate Member of ACUMA, Bringing New Tools for Member Retention...

WASHINGTON, D.C. /CitizenWire/ -- Sales Boomerang, the industry's top-rated automated borrower intelligence and retention system, today announced it has joined the American Credit Union Mortgage Association (ACUMA) as an affiliate member. As a member of ACUMA, Sales Boomerang provides tools for credit unions looking to improve member retention, increase member utilization of mortgage and home-equity…

News: Top of Mind Debuts Bidirectional Connection Between Its Surefire Automated Mortgage Marketing Platform...

ATLANTA, Ga. /CitizenWire/ -- Top of Mind Networks (Top of Mind) today announced the debut of a bidirectional data connection between Surefire, the number-one platform for automated mortgage marketing, and Salesforce, the world's most popular enterprise CRM. The connection gives mortgage lenders unprecedented choice and control over the way information is shared between their enterprise…

News: Los Angeles-Based CPA Firm Receives High Praise from Accounting Today | CitizenWire

PASADENA, Calif. /CitizenWire/ -- KROST CPAs and Consultants, Los Angeles-based firm, receives two new accolades from Accounting Today, Top 100 Firms and Fastest-Growing Firms in the U.S. New to the list, KROST, ranked No. 78, with an 80.08% change in revenue from last year. Additionally, the firm ranked No. 11 on the Regional Leaders on…

News: ABEP – Moving The CU Forward | CitizenWire

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. /CitizenWire/ -- The Association for Black Economic Power (ABEP) is reaffirming its commitment to bringing a black owned and operated Credit Union to North Minneapolis. Valerie Geaither, Chair of the ABEP Board of Directors, and a former 20-year resident of North Minneapolis explained that, "After undergoing internal management changes and COVID-19, ABEP like…

$2.25 Trillion Infrastructure Stimulus A BAILOUT for Corporations? Inflation Pressure Up

source / The Money GPS Another few trillion coming. Quite frankly, I’ve lost count. Does it matter anymore, some will ask? But of course it really does. The only question is where exactly is the money going, and how much of it will ultimately help those in need. $GPS Biden Plans $2.25 Trillion Spending, Corporate…

Archegos COLLAPSE Unwinding Derivatives After Record Margin Call! $4 Trillion Stimulus Coming!

source / The Money GPS Here we have another company who took too much risk and it came back to haunt them. This should be a lesson to everyone to also be prepared for the worst. Aim to do well. Try to achieve gains. Do your best. But don’t over leverage. Don’t push the limits…

DERIVATIVES COLLAPSE at Archegos! Failure Sends Shockwaves Through Financial System

source / The Money GPS $GPS What’s the deal: Archegos defaulted on margin calls from several investment institutions. Which companies are directly involved: Credit Suisse, Nomura, Goldman, Morgan U.S. regulator is monitoring Archegos Capital Management situation: spokesperson | Reuters U.S. regulator is monitoring Archegos Capital Management situation: spokesperson WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Securities and…

News: South Bay Credit Union announces limited time offer on their HELOC (home equity...

LOS ANGELES, Calif. /CitizenWire/ -- South Bay Credit Union - Member-owned not-for-profit financial cooperative, today announced the launch of a limited time offer on their Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) program to homeowners in the South Bay Los Angeles Area. Homeowners can borrow up to $500,000! (or 80% of appraised value, less 1st Trust…

Heavy Inflation Commodities Supercycle! How Investors Profit From A Devalued Currency

source / The Money GPS $GPS Increasing inflation coming but what can people do about it? More money moving into the stock market. Value stocks have seen more inflows and tech stocks and other growth stocks are also performing well. More money is being pumped in from all sides, creating a massive bull market that…

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