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Thursday, October 29, 2020

When the Crisis Hits Where Will You HIDE? And How You Can Prepare

source Let’s face it: Most people are completely unprepared. They’re oblivious to facts. Store shelves will empty in 72 hours after a crisis hits, if you’re lucky. Many cases it will be upended before closing time. So the answer is quite obvious: Be prepared. That has different meanings to different people. But there are basics…

Unemployment MUCH Worse Than Claimed as We Enter Phase 2 of the Recession!

source In any country, in any city, you will find inequality. Some areas are more obvious than others. Today, we are seeing a growing gap in between those who have it all, and those who have nothing. Prosperity is an essential component of a healthy economy. If people are feeling confident, they will save, spend,…

$20 Trillion Stimulus in 2020 Didn’t Work! Will Fed Do Helicopter Money To Save...

source There is one very consistent trend that has been very loud in the media, lots of stimulus measures. We know that. But there’s an underlying, almost silent trend. Jobs going away and never coming back. We’re always told that the middle class will be better off, next year, next 5 years, 10 years and…

Deepest Economic Contraction in History Has Only Just Begun To Wreak Havoc

source There are serious consequences for attempting to stop the business cycle from functioning. The system needs an Economic Detox and yet it’s just getting more of the [s]ame garbage fed to it, every single day. The problem is only compounded. The danger is only mounting. The desire to create a bigger bubble is not…

Total System Leverage Now Record High Creating SUPER Bubble That CAN’T Be Reversed!

source Today, we are encountering an unimaginable state. All previous attempts to fix the financial system have been very straightforward: Lower interest rates and print money. The government [would] simply fill in gaps wherever they could and eventually the recovery would be back to normal. Since the Financial Crisis, clearly that didn’t happen. In fact…

REAL Wages Decline as Economy Worsens Despite Stimulus! Store Closures, Jobs Cuts

source There have been considerable changes in 2020, just from a year ago. We have watched the markets fall and rise. Many have wondered what tomorrow will bring. More questions than answers. More uncertainty. More volatility. But one [thing] is for certain, our currency will lose value against real goods thanks to reckless policies, designed…

NEWS: SimpleNexus Selects Mortgage Technology Expert Tracy Farber as Director of Solution Engineering

LEHI, Utah, Oct 21, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- SimpleNexus (https://simplenexus.com/), developer of the leading digital mortgage platform for loan officers, borrowers, real estate agents and settlement agents, has recruited Tracy Farber as its director of solution engineering. In this role, the first of its kind at SimpleNexus, Farber will create and lead a team dedicated…

Is the Economy RECOVERING or COLLAPSING? This Makes It Very Obvious.

source Today more than ever before we have more uncertainty, more danger, and more risk being taken. Governments have decided that they are going to intervene at record levels often helping out their friends, their colleagues, and the revolving door of business and government to ensure that their grip does not lighten up. Big changes…

NEWS: Community Development Bankers Association Endorses Promontory MortgagePath’s Mortgage Fulfillment Services, POS Technology

DANBURY, Conn., Oct 21, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Promontory MortgagePath LLC, a leading provider of comprehensive digital mortgage fulfillment services, announced today that the Community Development Bankers Association (CDBA) has officially endorsed its mortgage fulfillment services and proprietary point-of-sale technology Borrower Wallet(R). CDBA recognized Promontory MortgagePath's solutions for helping community development financial institutions (CDFIs) expand…

Temp Layoffs Have Become PERMANENT! Middle Class Will Disappear as Economy Falls

source The stock market moves fast. With countless interventions taking place over the years, any period of slow growth or falling levels has always been met with more stimulus. This can come from the Fed and their many programs or from the government’s big taxpayer funded bottomless pockets. Either way, it creates ridiculous distortions that…

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