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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Roman Polanski Faces Fresh Rape Accusation from 1975

Film director Roman Polanski is facing a fresh rape accusation from a French woman alleging he violently raped her back in 1975. In an interview with Le Parisien, Valentine Monnier accused Polanski of violently raping her at a ski chalet in Gstaad, Switzerland, in 1975. According to Monnier, Polanski made the attack after dinner one evening where he called…

Macron Claims NATO Suffering ‘Brain Death’ But Germany Commits to Increasing Defence Spending

Emmanuel Macron has claimed that NATO is suffering a “brain death” and that Europe can no longer depend on the United States of America to defend her. In an interview with The Economist published on Thursday, the French president said: “What we are currently experiencing is the brain death of NATO.” Asked whether he believed in members’…

Famed French Actress Catherine Deneuve Hospitalized For ‘Very Limited’ Stroke

November 06, 2019 4:57 PM ET Famed French star Catherine Deneuve had to be hospitalized in Paris after falling ill Tuesday night and it turned out to be a “very limited” stroke. According to a statement circulated to local media, the 76-year-old actress suffered “a very limited and therefore reversible ischemic stroke,” per Deadline magazine…

Poll: 61 Per Cent of French Say Islam ‘Incompatible’ with Society

An Ifop survey has discovered that nearly two-thirds of French people, or 61 per cent, believe that Islam is “incompatible with the values of French society”. The results are an eight per cent increase compared to a previous study released in February of last year and reflect growing concerns of the impact of religion in…

UK, France, Germany Say It’s “Clear” Iran Attacked Saudis

All countries stopped short of calling for any military retaliation, however Though by now Washington appears no closer to military strikes on Iran than it was before the Sept. 14 Saudi Aramco attack, a joint statement by Britain, France, and Germany has brought the kind of international allied consensus the US administration is looking for.…

France Rejects Edward Snowden’s Asylum Request, Fearing “Major Fallout” With US

France's foreign minister has indicated the country has dismissed former US National Security Agency contractor and leaker Edward Snowden's asylum request because “it is not the time”.  Snowden called on French President and former Rothschild banker Emmanuel Macron to grant him political asylum from the United States, after he's been living in Russia since the 2013 bombshell…

French Psychologist Declares Migrant Mental Health a Public Emergency

French clinical psychologist Marie-Caroline Saglio-Yatzimirsky has warned that many migrants suffering from severe mental illness are not being properly treated. While Dr Saglio-Yatzimirsky claimed migrants do not have higher rates of mental illness than the French population overall, she said that there is a distinct lack of access to health professionals and treatment for them, Le Progres…

Imports of Chinese High Tech Goods Are Down by More Than 20% This Year

U.S. imports of advanced technology products from China in the first seven months of the year fell by nearly $20 billion, the latest sign that the Trump administration’s trade policies are pushing U.S. businesses and households to look outside of China for high tech goods. The U.S. imported $75.2 billion of high tech goods from…

Man Goes On Stabbing Spree In France. Suspect Is Reportedly An Afghan Asylum-Seeker

August 31, 2019 7:23 PM ET Police arrested a man in France, reportedly an Afghan asylum-seeker, Saturday after he allegedly went on a stabbing spree, killing one person and injuring nine others. The attack occurred outside a subway station in the Lyon suburb, Villeurbanne, in the eastern part of France, The Associated Press reported. The…

WATCH: CN Live! Episode 7—John Kiriakou on the 9/11 Trial; Pepe Escobar on His...

CN Live! is back in prime time tonight with John Kiriakou, Pepe Escobar, Whitney Webb, John Shipton and Quentin Dempster. Watch it tonight at 8 pm Eastern Daylight Time right here on Consortium News.  CN Live! returns in prime time tonight with segments on the 9/11 trial announced today, Amazon fires and the incendiary politics…
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