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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Hedge Funds Have Never Been More Levered Or More Invested In The Same Handful...

Authored by Christopher Metli, Executive Director of MOrgan Stanley Quant Derivative Strategies Investors largely shrugged off the factor rotation on Feb 4th as an isolated event, but it shouldn’t be dismissed – higher factor volatility is structural and is here to stay.  Funds are taking bigger factor bets, positioning is crowded, leverage is high, and…

This Is What Hedge Funds Bought And Sold In Q3: Complete 13F Summary

In a world where only two things matter: i) whether there is any "trade deal optimism" on any given day, and ii) whether the Fed is injecting or draining liquidity from the market, it is understandable why the cachet that hedge funds once held in terms of moving the market with their stock picks, and…

How Are Hedge Funds Positioned Ahead Of The Fed

With just over an hour left until the Fed's latest announcement, traders are hunkering down ahead of what could be a very volatile market response Why? While there is certainly the possibility that the Fed will make some unexpected announcement following today's FOMC meeting, especially with consensus rapidly shifting to expect Powell to announce some…

This Is What Hedge Funds Bought And Sold In Q2

Once upon a time, the quarterly publication of hedge fund 13F statements was a momentous event, more important even than corporate earnings, creating a frenzy of activity within the buyside community as hedge funds scrambled to figure out who is buying - or selling - what, and what such activity telegraphed about the bigger picture.…

Hedge Funds Now Tracking Non-public Jets To Strive And Await M&A Deals

If there was one legal clue telegraphing Occidental Chemical's recent investment by Warren Buffett before it happened, it was that an Occidental owned private jet had been spotted at the Omaha airport. That’s why, according to Bloomberg Businessweek, more hedge funds are now tracking private jets and flight data for information on potential coming merger and…
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