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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Migration Advocates Tell Biden: Opening the Border Is Politically Safe

Pro-migration activists and business lobbies are telling President Joe Biden’s inner circle that it is politically safe to open the border if they also push back against the GOP’s “border chaos” theme. “The administration is repeating the mistakes of 2015 by underestimating the power of a border security argument” against voter worries, Ali Noorani, the…

Jorge Ramos: Sacrifice Americans’ Rights to Get an Amnesty for Illegals

Democrats should aid illegal migrants by taking the “radical” step of ending filibuster protections for political minorities in the United States, according to Jorge Ramos, the Mexican-born, pro-migration, Spanish-language TV anchor. “Democrats still lack the votes to overturn the current Senate rules, which effectively require proponents of most bills to muster 60-vote supermajorities to advance them,” Ramos…

Biden Bends to Pressure, Increases Refugee Inflow in 2021

Progressive pro-migration groups have pushed President Joe Biden to announce that he wants to dramatically raise the inflow of refugees up to 62,500 by October 1. Biden’s decision reverses the April 16 announcement of a 15,000 goal for 2021 that was recommended by his advisers, who are concerned that Biden’s poll numbers will be further…

U.S. Grads to Gain as Foreign College Workers Stay Away

The number of foreigners registering at U.S. universities to get work permits is falling quickly, likely opening up many Fortune 500 jobs for American graduates. The good news means that “30,000 additional slots have just opened up for Americans, maybe as many as 60,000,” said Kevin Lynn, the director of U.S. Tech Workers, a group…

George W. Bush Center Opposes Donald Trump’s Migration Reforms

Americans need more migrants to recover from the coronavirus crash, according to former President George W. Bush’s presidential center. The nation’s economic recovery will be slowed by the temporary suspension on importing foreign workers that President Donald Trump extended and expanded on June 22, said a June 23 tweet from the center: Suspending Immigration Will…

NYTimes Columnist: CEOs Can Use ‘Black Lives’ Furor to Hide the Money

The ideology being pushed by the Black Lives Matter wave can help corporations shift voters’ attention away from jobs and wages, says Ross Douthat, a conservative columnist at the New York Times. Douthat declines to put a useful name on the progressive strategy. But he refers to it as the “successor ideology” that is now…

H-1B Lobby Group: House Coronavirus Bill Extends Work Permits for Indian, Chinese Visa Workers

The House coronavirus spending bill allows roughly 500,000 college graduate visa-workers from China, India, and elsewhere to stay in their U.S. jobs, regardless of job losses by American graduates in the economic meltdown, according to a lobby group for H-1B workers. The measure would prevent U.S. graduates from getting hundreds of thousands of college-grade jobs…

NBC: Massive Chinese Fraud Suspected in OPT Visa-Worker Program

Numerous U.S.-based companies that got Optional Practical Training (OPT) work permits for Chinese graduates have quietly closed their doors following an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) crackdown and media investigations, according to a report by NBC Bay Area. “NBC’s efforts to contact officers at 14 suspicious companies [who got many OPT work permits] were met…
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