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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Stocks and Bonds Hammered in Sharp Selloff

Stocks took a beating on Thursday as investors sold off tech shares and Treasurys. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell nearly 560 points, a 1.75 percent decline. The S&P 500 sank 2.45 percent. The Nasdaq Composite fell 3.52 percent. All eleven sectors of the S&PS were down. The worst performing sectors were information technology and…

Stripchat Viewership Drops In Washington D.C. During The GameStop Hearing

Porn viewership took a bit of a hit in Washington D.C. with all eyes on the GameStop hearing. Several major players involved in the GameStop stock fiasco testified before Congress Thursday, and it was just as exciting as you’d expect. (SLIDESHOW: These Women On Instagram Hate Wearing Clothes) At one point, Keith Gill felt the…

China: GameStop Saga Demonstrates the Failure of Free Markets

China’s state-run Global Times on Sunday celebrated the GameStop stock-shorting saga as a failure of free market capitalism, boasting that such a wild ride could never be taken in China’s tightly-controlled financial system. As far as the Chinese Communist paper was concerned, the GameStop stock market revolt was merely an extension of the January 6…

GameStop Ends Week Up 400%

Shares of GameStop rose more than 50 percent on Friday while the broad indexes tumbled. That is enough to bring GameStop, still one of the most shorted stocks in U.S. equities markets, up to a 400 percent gain for the week. Many of the biggest bulls in GameStop continue to hold their shares, predicting the…

The GameStop Rebellion: 4 Things to Know

Shares of GameStop and AMC saw tremendous gains this week as an army of small retailer investors beat back sophisticated hedge funds that had bet against the stocks. 1. A Bet That GameStop Won’t Stop Although GameStop’s meteoric price climb—from $35.50 last Friday to $280 today—grabbed lots of attention this week, a group of online…

Carney: Hysteria Grips Establishment over GameStop Trading

One of the strangest things about the GameStop saga this week is how the mainstream media and prominent financiers have reacted, often with something bordering on panic. Chris Cilliza, CNN Editor-at-large, said “Trumpism explains the GameStop stock surge.” What’s the end game for the GameStop surgers? Like, now that they have proven the point that…

Gamestop Distortion Sparks Unprecedented Collapse In Retail ETF Assets

While every TikTok-ing Millennial and their emotional-support-rabbit has been glued to the meltup in heavily-shorted stocks like GME (and the meltdown in the hedge funds who were heavily-short), there has been significant impacts under the covers of the rest of the financial markets that few have (for now) noticed.Yes, FANG stocks (and the most liquid…

GameStop exposes destructive hypocrisy of Wall Street

GameStop exposes destructive hypocrisy of Wall Street ****News Topic 269***** GameStop saga exposes deep hypocrisy from elite investors and proves US financial market is detached from reality https://www.rt.com/op-ed/513839-gamestop-reddit-wallstreet-panic/ AOC throws weight behind GameStop hedge fund massacre, takes a dig at Wall Street’s ‘long history of treating economy as a casino’ AOC throws weight behind GameStop…

GameStop exposes Wall Street rigged game. Robinhood App goes full Market Manipulation

GameStop exposes Wall Street rigged game. Robinhood App goes full Market Manipulation The Duran: Episode 871 AOC Rips Robinhood Over Market Manipulation; Portnoy Pissed; Ja Rule Weighs In “You Can Not Purchase Additional Shares”: Robinhood Reportedly Halts Buying In GameStop And AMC One day after TD Ameritrade implemented unprecedented restrictions on trading in GME, AMC…

Robinhood Says It Will Allow ‘Limited Buys’ of GameStop and Other Short Squeeze Stocks

After plunging 44 percent on Thursday, shares of GameStop are soaring in after-hours trading Robinhood announced that it would once again allow customers to buy GameStop and other stocks that have seen meteoric rises this week. Amid this week’s extraordinary circumstances in the market, we made a tough decision today to temporarily limit buying for…
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