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Thursday, August 18, 2022

While Russia prays and trains for war, American forces train for gay sex [Video]

We printed a piece a few days ago, entitled “This is what a great military does: they pray to God.” Of course, we highlighted Russia, in her continuing embrace of traditional and Christian values, as reflected in the Divine Liturgy being served in the new and massive cathedral built for the Armed Forces of the…

NFL Sends Out Message That Says ‘Football Is Gay’

The NFL got everyone’s attention when it posted a video with messages that read “Football Is Gay” and “Football Is Lesbian,” among others. “If you love this game, you are welcome here,” the Monday post on NFL’s Instagram read. “Football is for all. Football is for everyone.” “The NFL stands by the LGBTQ+ community today…

Raiders Star Carl Nassib Announces That He’s Gay

Las Vegas Raiders star Carl Nassib is gay. The star defensive end for the Raiders announced Monday in an Instagram video that he’s gay, and that he “finally felt comfortable enough” to tell the world. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football) You can watch his full announcement below. Nassib’s announcement…

Patriarch Kirill: Without God, family, traditions, everything collapses [Video]

Russia is making the move to deeply embrace its one thousand year past, uniting today’s modern state with the Empire of the Tsars and even showing how the Soviet Union has its unique place in history which must be remembered. In a four-minute video, we see Patriarch Kirill sign his ballot for the Constitutional referendum, and…

What does Black Lives Matter REALLY stand for?

For those who may be equivocating about Black Lives Matter and the Antifa riots and demonstrations, a very interesting point came to out attention today. Someone went and actually looked and read the BLM website to find out what they themselves say they are all about. My priest was told about this, and he told me,…

Gay Men’s Group Claims Facebook Shut Down Page After Dispute with Transgender ‘Dogmatists’

A gay men’s group is claiming that Facebook shut down its page after transgender activists repeatedly reported the group for its stance on gender and sexual orientation. “The Boxer Ceiling” claims that Facebook shut down its page on Saturday after the group was targeted online for months by trans activsts, according to a message being…

Pete Buttigieg: Gay Media Too Worried About Me Being ‘Wrong Kind of Gay’

Mayor Pete Buttigieg spoke frankly about his frustration with gay media and being branded as the “wrong kind of gay” in a recent interview. Buttigieg commented on the perceptions of gay men and the media in an interview with Sirius/XM Radio host Clay Cane on the Urban View channel. Cane asked Buttigieg if he felt…

Maryland To Implement LGBTQ Content In Public Schools’ Curricula

Maryland public school history teachers will add LGBTQ content to high school curricula during the coming years, a lawmaker said.The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) agreed to add “expectations” and implement new standards for high school U.S. history curricula, according to WUSA9. The changes are expected to be made in 2021 or 2022, the publication…
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