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Roman Catholic Priest FINALLY confronts Joe Biden [Video]

One of the ways both the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches acknowledge as “participating in someone else’s sin” is “By silence.” According to this idea, if I know about someone doing something that is sinful and I do not say anything about it to him or to his priest, or if the person is a…

J.K. Rowling Rips Concept Biological Sex Is a Social Construct: ‘It Isn’t Hate to...

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling made waves on Saturday after publicly defending the concept of biological sex — a scientific truth largely rejected by the left — explaining to her 14.5 million Twitter followers that it “isn’t hate to speak the truth.” “If sex isn’t real, there’s no same-sex attraction. If sex isn’t real, the…

Why An Accomplished Researcher Turned His Back On Academia

Colin Wright had been on the academic track for 12 years. He began his career in California, studying evolutionary biology and ecology, and two years ago, he earned his PhD in the subject. This month, however, he decided to turn his back on academia after he realized the likelihood of ever obtaining a faculty position…

Google AI Won’t Label People ‘Man’ or ‘Woman’ to ‘Avoid Bias’

A Google AI tool used to recognize objects in images will reportedly no longer attach gender labels such as “woman” or “man” to people in pictures in order to “avoid bias.” Business Insider reports that a Google AI tool that can recognize and label the contents of an image will no longer assign gender labels…

Sadiq Khan: ‘All Gender Identities’ Including ‘Non-Binary’ Are Valid

London mayor Sadiq Khan has declared that biological males and females who identify as the opposite sex are indeed what they claim to be, that people who say they are “non-binary” really are neither male nor female, and, moreover, that “All gender identities are valid”. “Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Non-binary people…

Final Verdict: Hero Dog Conan Is Actually a Boy

The White House delivered a final verdict on Conan the hero dog’s gender: He’s a boy. On Tuesday, a source from the National Security Council told Breitbart News that Conan’s gender was female, prompting our report. Multiple White House reporters also obtained White House sources who confirmed that Conan was female while others cited sources…

New Monopoly Pays Women More Than Men

Skip to content Girls begin with more cash & get paid more for passing ‘Go’ Hasbro officially brought the gender pay gap to game night with its new feminist version of Monopoly called “Ms. Monopoly.”The new version of the classic board game comes with new rules: Women players will collect $240 in Monopoly money while male players…

Biden Bizarrely Says There’s Three Genders, Then Grabs Young Female Questioner By The Arm...

August 09, 2019 5:28 PM ET Former Vice President Joe Biden said there were “at least three” genders while walking through a crowd at the Iowa State Fair on Thursday. The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate then shook someone else’s hand before turning around and pulling the arm of the young female questioner to get her…
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