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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Soros-backed L.A. D.A. George Gascon to Review up to 30,000 Criminal Sentences

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón is forming a special “Resentencing Unit” that will reconsider the sentences of up to 30,000 convicted criminals as part of his sweeping reform of the criminal justice system in the region. Bill Melugin of local Fox affiliate KTTV-11 published a letter Monday on Twitter sent by Gascón to…

Exclusive–Wilcox: How Soros Money, Radical DAs Are Killing Our Cities

Proving that even a broken clock is right twice a day, it turns out the establishment media was right about that whole  interference in our elections thing. There is indeed a lot of it, but not necessarily from where the media told us. Not only does it threaten the integrity of our elections, but it…

The British Hand Behind America’s Color Revolution: Soros and Lord Malloch Brown

From the Canadian Patriot Review Canadian Patriot editor Matthew Ehret discusses the ongoing US Color Revolution with a focus on George Soros, Dominion voting systems, Smartmatic and Soros’ globalist bosom buddy Lord Mark Malloch Brown who has just become President of Soros’ Open Society Institutes on December 4th. Matthew Ehret is the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Patriot…

The Coming Battle For The New World

Why is it the case that every time one looks for the causes for disruptions, coups, and assassinations anywhere in the world, including the USA, the ugly hand of British Intelligence is always to be found manipulating the strings from above? How have these British intelligence actively organized the past four years of Russiagate, and…

The Fake – Trudeau still playing a role: from Drama teacher to PM with...

source Even Trudeau’s eyebrows are fake! Wild Smile Justin from Canada went viral, yet again, this time at the G20 summit, and in a new interview where his fake eyebrows fall off his face.John Oliver episode mentioned at the end: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0V5ck…__ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/WildSmile Twitter: https//www.twitter.com/WildSmiled 0 0 vote Article Rating Help us grow. Support The Duran on…

Soros-Funded Candidate Wendy Davis Fundraised Indoors During Pandemic in Race to Beat Rep. Chip...

Democrat candidate for Congress in Texas Wendy Davis (D) did her fundraising indoors and her campaigning virtually during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, reported the Texas Tribune on Friday. “I have never spent so much time on the phones fundraising,” she told the Tribune. “I fundraise every single day.” According to the Tribune, Davis has spent…

Light versus Darkness – the Final Assault on America is in progress [Video]

Author’s NOTE: To my regret, I am unaware of a good Orthodox Christian perspective on this situation in English. The video clip supplied is a first attempt. If an Orthodox source appears, I will move the current video to be embedded in the story and highlight the Orthodox one, since that reflects my own personal…

Tucker Carlson calls out Soros election meddling. Twitter censors Tucker

The timing of Tucker’s comments are interesting — are they a kind of rebuttal in light of suggestions that Fox has been in Soros’ pocket for a long time? https://www.oann.com/toensing-says-george-soros-influence-and-power-is-pervasive-at-fox/ Democrats have been adept at maintaining opposing views at the same time (cleverly running contradictions and hypocrisy are their mainstay after all), and having pro-Christian…

Bill O’Reilly Weighs In On Fox News’ Handling Of Gingrich’s Statements About Soros On...

Bill O’Reilly weighed in Thursday on former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich’s Wednesday exchange with Fox News panelists Melissa Francis and Marie Harf regarding George Soros’ funding of local district attorney candidates on “Outnumbered.” “I’m not going to comment on the Fox News personnel there,” O’Reilly said before launching into a monologue in support…

Transition Integrity Project Founder Suggested ‘Military Coup’ Against Trump Days After Inauguration

Shortly after President Donald Trump’s 2016 inauguration, a co-founder of the Transition Integrity Project (TIP), a group that recently “war-gamed” potential outcomes of the 2020 elections and transition, outlined varying ways to oust Trump including declaring him mentally unfit and carrying out a military coup. Garnering lots of media attention in recent days, TIP co-founder…

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