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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Geraldo Rivera: Cosby, and Maybe Weinstein, Going Free Because #MeToo Pressure Is ‘Not the...

Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera expressed approval of Bill Cosby’s release from prison, adding that the comedian was “unjustly convicted” and suggested that convicted sex offender and former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein could be next. In an interview with Fox News reports John Roberts and Sandra Smith, Rivera said Cosby’s trial was “grotesquely unfair,” even if he…

‘That’s Not Systemic Racism!’: Leo Terrell Gets Into Yelling Match With Geraldo Rivera Over...

Fox News contributors Leo Terrell and Geraldo Rivera got into a squabble while discussing police reform Tuesday. Terrell and Rivera spoke during “The Faulkner Focus” about whether systemic racism is an issue in today’s law enforcement. Terrell, a civil rights attorney, vehemently denied that the system is racist, eventually prompting a fight with Rivera, who…

FNC’s Geraldo Rivera: Trump Must Stop Attacking Election Results — ‘Enough Is Enough Now’

Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera called on President Donald Trump to stop attacking the presidential election as fraudulent because it could cost the Republican Party the Georgia Senate races and control of the Senate during an appearance on Monday’s broadcast of “The Story.” Rivera said, “If people lose faith in Georgia’s electoral system and not show up, then they…

Geraldo Rivera: Call Virus Vaccine ‘The Trump’ to Give President Credit for His Efforts

President Donald Trump is responsible for Operation Warp Speed, a fast-tracked effort to find a vaccine for the coronavirus that led to development in record time. Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera is suggesting the vaccine — which could first become available under a Joe Biden administration — be called, ‘The Trump.” Rivera said, “I had…

‘Don’t You Dare Be A Fraud Right Now!’: Dan Bongino And Geraldo Rivera Trade...

June 15, 2020 11:19 PM ET Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera and former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino got into a heated exchange Monday over Rayshard Brooks. Brooks, who was shot in the back by Atlanta police officers after he resisted arrest and took a taser, has sparked a new wave of protests — one…

‘Hell No’: Megyn Kelly Blasts Female Reporter For #MeToo B.S.

AFTERNOON MIRROR Quote of the Day: “Yo refusero to commento on el Giuliaño por que el primero rule of clùb del mayoro es no talko abouto clùb del mayoro.”  — Miguel Bloombito parody account. MOOD: “Note to all emotionally insecure friends: Don’t Worry!!!! I will be using multiple exclamation points in all texts and emails…

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