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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Trump & The Global Geopolitical ‘Gordian Knot’

Authored by Patrick Armstrong via The Strategic Culture Foundation, In January 2018 I advanced the hypothesis that U.S. President Trump understood that the only way to “Make American Great Again” was to disentangle it from the imperial mission that had it stuck in perpetual wars. I suggested that the cutting of this “Gordian Knot of…

Global Times Announces New Tesla Service Center Hours After Video Surfaces Of Dramatic Crash...

In what may or may not be damage control from Tesla, the CCP - or both - Tesla is suddenly reportedly setting up a new sales and service company in Southwest China, according to a Tweet by state-owned Global Times. The service center is being set up in Yunnan Province and will include "car sales, second-hand…

Global Times: Tesla Wreck In Nanchong Killed 2, Has “Raised Doubts” Over Car’s Functions,...

Could the ongoing love affair between the Chinese Communist Party and Elon Musk be hitting some speedbumps? Confirming what appeared to be a horrifying accident in Nanchong yesterday involving a Tesla that ran amok on a city street and left mangled bodies strewn behind it, China's state owned mouthpiece The Global Times is now "raising doubts" over…

More Than 60% Of Global Debt Now Yields Less Than 1%

For all its monetary generosity, despite injecting $3 trillion reserves into the banking system (if not the economy), the Fed remains stuck with two big problems. The first one, as we touched on earlier, is that the newly printed money is unable to make its way into the broader monetary plumbing and spark the much…

Global Times’ Editor-In-Chief Answers If “There Will Be A War Between China And The...

In addition to occasionally provocative but mostly dreadfully unimaginative propaganda tweets, the editor in chief of China's Global Times Hu Xijing represents a useful barometer of sentiment among Beijing's top power echelons, which in a time when a new cold war has broken out between the US and China, can prove rather valuable. Which is…

The Global Reset Unplugged & “The Deep State”

Authored by Peter Koenig via GlobalResearch.ca, Imagine, you are living in a world that you are told is a democracy – and you may even believe it – but in fact your life and fate is in the hands of a few ultra-rich, ultra-powerful and ultra-inhuman oligarchs. They may be called Deep State, or simply…

Global Coronavirus Deaths Top 500,000; Dallas Pushes To Revive Lockdown As Cases Hit Record...

Summary: US reports 42,161 cases Global deaths top 500k Dallas asks for stay at home order to be reinstated, as Dallas County reports record high in daily cases Cali Gov orders bars in 7 counties to close, while recommending 8 counties do the same Texas Gov warns outbreak taken a dangerous turn DHHS Azar warns…

 Global Ad Spending Plunges As Hopes For V-shaped Recovery Fade

As economic paralysis continues, global advertisement spending is set to collapse this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to WARC, an international marketing intelligence firm.  WARC tracks 96 markets worldwide, expects ad dollars to decline by 8.1% ($49.6 billion) to $563 billion this year. The forecast was initially an expansion of 7.1% for 2020, but those figures were quickly revised for a post-corona…

Global Anger Builds As Elites Worldwide Break Quarantine Rules

"One rule for me, and another for thee" appears to be the politically-prone mantra rapidly spreading around the world. Opposition parties take shots at one another with America's left decrying President Trump's maskless-golfing escapades... ...and the right exposing Virginia Governor Northam's recent non-socially-distanced, maskless-beach visit. Japanese authorities are also under pressure with Japanese Prime Minister…

Global COVID-19 Cases Top 4.5 Million As Italy Sees Deaths Fall To 10-Week Low:...

Summary: Italy reports lowest death toll in 69 days Nepal reports first coronavirus death Germany's Bundesliga re-starts play FinMin Scholz mulls rescue package for towns, cities Hungary ends Budapest lockdown Global case total passes 4.5M, deaths top 300k UK death toll nears 35k Trump says US will restore some WHO funding American soup kitchens see…
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