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Friday, May 20, 2022

China’s Xi Jinping Scolds U.S. to Avoid ‘Cold War’ and ‘Arrogant Isolation’ at Davos

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping addressed the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Monday, speaking at length about the impact of the Wuhan coronavirus on the world’s economy and his vision of China’s place in the post-pandemic world. Xi’s principal theme was a warning for the Western world to avoid a “new Cold War” with…

Survey: Majority of U.S. Voters Oppose Globalist ‘Great Reset’ Initiative

The majority of likely American voters say they oppose “The Great Reset” initiative currently being spearheaded by globalists in the United States and Europe, a survey finds. A survey by Rasmussen Reporters and The Heartland Institute reveals that about 53 percent of likely voters who have heard of the Great Reset oppose its mission to…

Media plays on American Constitutional ignorance while Trump presses forward [Video]

Steve Turley and another great friend whom Big Tech hates (follow the link) published a piece noting how the state legislatures in Michigan, Arizona and Pennsylvania are meeting to hear the cases and evidence alleging massive fraud in the 2020 Presidential Elections. Since this site is blocked from Big Tech platforms like YouTube and Facebook, we…

Dominion refusal to attend hearing is globalists throwing down the gauntlet [Video]

The American nation is in big trouble. Christianity Daily and a few other conservative media outlets ran a piece on Friday, November 20, noting how Dominion Voting Systems refused to attend a hearing regarding their equipment changing votes to Biden from Trump en masse during the November 3 elections. Christianity Daily’s Julio Cachila writes [slightly…

What began in Russia IS ending in America [Video]

I know this is a terrible scenario but if it is real, we need to be ready to fight. Really fight. Or, we will be swept aside before this tsunami of globalist secularism and the Soviet Union will look like Paradise by comparison.Elder Ignatius of Harbin foresaw this. The excerpt below gives us the background…

Facebook Censors Woman’s Video of ‘Foreign’ Male Assaulting Her on French Train

A woman who shared non-graphic footage of a man sexually assaulting her on a train in France says her post was censored by Facebook, preventing her from exposing her attacker.In the video, the victim can be seen sitting opposite a male who appears to be of foreign descent.This is what France has become. pic.twitter.com/w7takWlpwv— Billy…

American Embassy Employee Dies After Apparent Brutal Attack in Ukraine

An American woman working at the U.S. embassy in Kiev, Ukraine, has died after an apparent attack near the facility, authorities say.The unidentified victim had reportedly gone jogging in a park but never returned, according to reports.A passerby found her suffering from severe injuries near railroad tracks in a forest area located in the same…

French Butcher Tear-Gassed by Youth Gang for Selling Pork

A butcher shop in Lyon, France, was targeted for selling pork by a gang of youths who discharged tear gas into the business, according to reports.Employees of the meat market and caterer say a gang of hoodlums as young as 12-years-old began hurling insults and complaining that the store sold pork products, Le Progrès reports."They…

Greece Smashes Migrant Trafficking Network, Arrests Dozens of NGO Operatives

Greece has arrested dozens of non-governmental organization (NGO) members accused of trafficking migrants into Europe and interfering in border controls, according to reports.A total of 35 foreign nationals, including 33 people working for NGOs, were rounded up as part of an extensive investigation conducted by Greek intelligence and counter-terrorism agencies.The suspects face a variety of…

Greek Locals, Migrants Clash at Hotel Rented by UN for ‘Refugee Children’

Tensions reportedly boiled over in a Greek town where nearly 40 'unaccompanied minors' were quietly moved into a hotel by the United Nations – to the dismay of local residents.In an operation reportedly overseen by Greek NGO METAdrati and the U.N. International Organization for Migration (IOM), 39 'refugee children' were brought to the mainland town…

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