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Friday, November 22, 2019

This is the BIG reason why corporate America has gone woke (plus 4 more)

Why have the biggest and most profitable American corporations embraced leftist politics, as seen in their woke advertising and social justice activism? Hint: It’s not because they’ve become non-profits and taken up philanthropy.Judging by the Ted Talks of woke American CEOs, by the woke corporate advertising, and by the public relations campaigns promoting corporate ‘brand…

Exclusive: Prosecutor of Roger Stone Calls For Immediate Arrest, Indictment of Alex Jones

The same prosecutor who ran the rigged “kangaroo court” show trial against Roger Stone is on the courtroom floor demanding the immediate arrest and indictment of Alex Jones, according to sources who have spoken directly to Natural News in the last few minutes.Reporters who have been covering the trial have contacted Alex Jones, warning him…

The West Was Never Really an Enemy of Soviet Communism

Few remember him today, for reasons that should unsettle us all, but Vladimir Bukovsky was a hero from a dark age whose example confirms Mises’s motto, taken from the Aeneid: “Do not give in to evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.” Often glossed in the press as a “Soviet dissident,” Bukovsky was infinitely more important. He took…

Trump’s “impeachable offense” is wanting to get along with Russia (Video)

Finally, we now know why the Democrats and the Deep State and the Establishment in the US government want to get rid of President Donald Trump. He wants to get along with Russia. Tucker Carlson lays it out using the statements laid out in the first public hearing of the Compleat Fake Impeachment Inquiry. This…

Ocasio-Cortez is Wrong: We’re Not Working 80-Hour Weeks Now

It has become nearly commonplace for pundits and politicians to claim that Americans are working more than ever before; that they’re working more jobs, and working longer hours — all for a lower income.During the Democratic debates this summer, for instance, Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio claimed  “the economic system now force[s] us to have two or…

Argentina Votes for More Inflation, Spending, and Economic Instability

Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s victory on October 27, 2019, has raised many questions about Argentina’s economic future.But the reversion to the Kirchener regime isn’t as big a change as many presume. Outgoing president Mauricio Macri did not offer much for the country, economically speaking. A typical milquetoast “neoliberal” government, Macri’s administration kept policies such as price…

Erdogan Threatens Flood Europe With Refugees Unless EU Provides Support to Turkey

The European Union has paid three billion euros to Turkey under a 2016 deal to contain the influx of refugees to Europe. Ankara has repeatedly complained about the slow pace of disbursements, threatening to let migrants cross through its territory.Turkey will have to open its borders to let asylum-seekers flow into Europe unless the European…

Watch Live! Eco-Genocide: 11,000 Scientists Sign Order Demanding Globalists Eliminate Billions of Humans

For the last five years, we’ve been warning that scientists are using the climate change hoax to pursue a planetary depopulation agenda that aims to eliminate billions of humans from planet Earth.The assertion has been predictably mocked by the CIA-run fake news media as a “conspiracy theory,” even as those same media outlets fabricate their own baseless conspiracies about…

Maduro Relying on “Planeloads of Cash” From Russia to Skirt US Sanctions

Skip to content Hundreds of millions shipped in up to six deliveries on flights from Moscow to Caracas A new investigative report by Bloomberg this week has uncovered a sanctions-skirting sizable cash pipeline into sanctions-hit Venezuela, demonstrating one of the “complex logistical feats” President Nicolas Maduro has utilized to survive US-imposed isolation from the international…

Social Media Is Driving A Global Epidemic Of Loneliness Among Millennials

Those who are lonely are more likely to use the internet for social interactions A team of academics from Swinburne University and VicHealth studied 1,520 Victorians aged 12 to 25, and examined their experience of loneliness, asking questions about their symptoms of depression and social anxiety. The study confirmed that loneliness – the biggest driver…
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