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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

“It’s Going To Be A Mess” – Quarter of NYC Renters Haven’t Paid Since...

As the US recovery stalls and the fiscal cliff looms, there are new, troubling signs from America's biggest rental market, as an alarming number of renters haven't paid in months. Bloomberg, citing a new report via the Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP), a group that represents landlords, said 25% of New York City's apartment renters haven't paid since…

Just How Bad Is It Going To Get: JPMorgan Halts All Non-Government Guaranteed Small...

With America's small and medium businesses suffering from cardiac arrest now that the economy is in a indefinite coma, it is hardly a surprise that the largest US bank, JPMorgan Chase has been inundated with more than 375,000 requests for $40bn of loans under the $350bn small business rescue scheme, a higher number of applications…

Going Down With The Ship: After Raging At Moody’s For Downgrade To Deep Junk,...

Last October, in the aftermath of the WeWork and Uber fiasco, we asked if SoftBank, that chronic seed (and not so seed) investor in cash-incinerating zerocorns startups would be "The Bubble Era's "Short Of The Century." Subsequent events have only made our query more pressing: with the global economy frozen, with social distancing and self-quarantine…

Are They Going To Impeach Trump Again?

Authored by Jim Rickards via The Daily Reckoning, The Democratic candidates held another debate last night. Michael Bloomberg took a lot of heat from the others, and he did not handle it well. He showed real weakness for the first time. Joe Biden, meanwhile, put in a strong performance last night. We’ll have to see…

Why Germany Is Going To War With Gold

Authored by Richard Mills via SafeHaven.com, Owning gold is a way to get out of this “debt trap”, but governments don’t want you to own gold, especially in Germany Germans, like Indians and Chinese, love their gold - although their reasons for buying and keeping bullion are somewhat different.  In China and India, gold jewelry…

“We’re Going To War, Bro”: Elite 82nd Airborne In Largest ‘Fast Deployment’ In A...

“We’re going to war, bro” — declared a young US soldier from the US Army's celebrated 82nd Airborne Division. He gave reporters a confident two thumbs up as his unit moved out on its largest “fast deployment” in a decade at a moment Iran has promised to inflict a "historic nightmare" on the US in retaliation for the killing of Qasem…

“It’s Going To Be Bad” – Heavy Snow And Wind Could Affect Millions Of...

A pre-Thanksgiving snowstorm has already traversed the Central Plains toward the upper Midwest. The storm is producing dangerous weather conditions during one of the busiest driving days of the year, reported NBC News. Winter Storm Dorothy dumped 7 to 12 inches of snow late Monday into Tuesday across Denver. Winter storm warnings and winter weather…

“It’s All Going To Help Him”: Normal Democrats See Little Upside To Impeaching Trump,...

Democrat voters surveyed by Reuters fear that impeaching President Trump over the Biden-Ukraine scandal will backfire, giving him a boost into the 2020 US election.  In short, Congressional Democrats looking to impeach have major credibility issues after the Mueller report failed to show that Trump 'colluded' with Russia, and a transcript of his call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky failed…

No Idea What’s Going On With Brexit? Here Is The “Simplified” Flow Chart

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“i’m-not-going-nuts”:-biden-swears-he’s-sane-amid senior-moments-and-gaffes-galore

“I’m Not Going Nuts”: Biden Swears He’s Sane Amid Senior Moments And Gaffes Galore

While the anti-Trump media has pivoted back to the whole 'Trump is crazy' / 25th Amendment impeachment fantasy revived by GOP challengers Bill Weld and Joe Walsh, former Vice President Joe Biden's stumbling senior moments have gotten so bad that he's now swearing he's sane.  "I want to be clear, I’m not going nuts," Biden insisted on Friday, after he forgot…
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