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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Goldman Sounds Red Alert Over The Debt Ceiling: “Upcoming Deadline Looks As Risky As...

After his catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, will Biden follow up with a technical default of the United States?On Friday, with some segments of the bond market starting to grow increasingly nervous about the outcome of the debt ceiling debate - whose "drop dead date" is expected to fall some time between late October and early…

Goldman Trader: “10 Points On Why Investors Are Bearish For The Last Two Weeks...

Authored by Goldman flow trader Scott RubnerThe #1 incoming question to hit my inbox during this week: "when (exactly) "does" the equity market sell off during September?" It's time for a thread.What is current institutional investor consensus about a potential equity market correction, that is for a trade? 10 points on why investors are bearish…

Goldman Trader: Here Is The Most Bullish Market Scenario, And The Most Bearish

In his latest note on markets, Goldman's head of hedge fund sales, Tony Pasquariello, muses on the dog days of summer where "market volumes have receded to their lowest levels of the year and 1-month realized volatility on S&P has leaked into single digits." And given the lack of tactical action - i.e., the Goldman…

Goldman: Here’s What Powell Will Say At Jackson Hole

There has been a palpable shift in market expectations heading into Friday's Jackson Hole (virtual) symposium whose theme is “Macroeconomic Policy in an Uneven Economy" and where the key event will be Powell's speech on the economic outlook at 10am EST: where as recently as a few weeks ago, consensus was that Powell would announce…

Goldman Puzzled As Options Price In Market Shock Similar To 1987 Crash, GFC And...

There is something bizarre about this relentless rally, where even a 2% dip is immediately bought.While it may seem like distant history now that the S&P is back near all time highs, the equity sell-off earlier this week pushed the VIX above 20 (19 at last check), but while implied volatility suggests one thing, realized…

Goldman On Tesla: Some NHTSA Investigations Can Take “Months Or Years”

Adding to Tesla's woes on Tuesday, a day where the stock was slammed alongside a broader market selloff, was Goldman Sachs. The investment bank came out and commented on yesterday's news that the NHTSA had opened a broad-reaching investigation into Tesla's Autopilot feature. In its note, Goldman appeared anything but optimistic that the probe into Autopilot…

Goldman: This Is The Biggest Equity (BTD) Dynamic Of 2021

Just three weeks ago in the middle of a blockbuster Q2 earnings season when stocks were surprisingly unable to break out to new all time highs despite the strongest earnings on record, sentiment shifted among some of the biggest banks with Goldman leading the charge and warning that stocks were entering the worst seasonal period…

What Goldman Really Thinks: “The Ante Will Be Upped When Taper Begins”

Finance professionals are well aware that when it comes to research, Wall Street has two sets of books: one set, that produced by the official sellside Research division, tends to be perpetually cheerful and is meant to encourage commission-boosting risk-taking among the broader client group; and since this is the research that immediately leaks to…

Goldman Has “Aggressively” And Quietly Liquidated A Quarter Of Its Equity Investments

While most analysts and traders were digging through Goldman's investment banking and trading results - of which the former came in stellar while trading, especially in FICC, was mediocore...... when the bank reported its second best quarter on record, there was some more notable slide in the bank's Q2 earnings presentation, and it had to…

Goldman Admits There’s No Value In The Junkiest Debt, Pushes ‘Investors’ To Add More...

In the latest Macro Credit note from Goldman Sachs' Credit Strategy Research group, Lofti Karoui admits that the Fed’s shift coupled with thin spread valuations most likely puts the trough in USD spreads behind us, as risk premia continue to adjust to the prospects of slower growth and a gradual tightening of policy.In fact, they…
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