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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Exclusive — Sen. Chuck Grassley on Prescription Drug Pricing Plan: A Bipartisan Bill that...

U.S. Senate Finance Committee chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) told Breitbart News exclusively that his plan to reform prescription drug pricing would specifically focus on reining in federal taxpayer spending on drugs covered by Medicare and Medicaid plans. “The bill would basically reform a lot of federal spending on health care, particularly through Medicare, Medicaid,”…

Trump Attorney Pat Cipollone: ‘Let the People Decide’ Next President at the Ballot Box

After House Democrats spent almost 24 hours presenting their argument for impeaching President Donald Trump and removing him from his duly elected office, Trump’s legal team took just two hours to present facts that they said “completely collapse” the Democrats’ case against him and that Americans should decide who will be president in 2020. “You…

Exclusive: Iranian National Arrested Near Mar-a-Lago with Machete, Knives Came to U.S. as Refugee

An Iranian national arrested near President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, originally arrived in the United States as a refugee, Breitbart News has learned. On January 10, Palm Beach Police Department arrested 38-year-old Masoud Yarieilzoleh, from Iran, who was apparently sleeping in a gazebo in a park in Palm Beach, according to the…

Schiff passes Ukrainegate impeachment clown show to Nadler (Video)

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the Ukrainegate impeachment clown show moving on from Adam Schiff and the House Intel Committee to Jerry Nadler and the House Judiciary Committee. Support Free Speech:Subscribe to The Duran on YouTube – Find us on BitChute. The Duran Audio Podcast:Follow on Soundcloud – Subscribe on iTunes. Via AXIOS… President Trump…

‘Rainbow Jihad’: Iowa GOP Lawmaker Opposes Transgender Flag Flying Over State Capitol

November 25, 2019 6:26 PM ET An Iowa state representative voiced opposition to a transgender flag flying above the state capitol during the annual “Transgender Day of Remembrance.” “It’s another way that the Rainbow Jihad continues to give those of us who don’t agree with them a finger in the eye and push their beliefs…

Exclusive — Impeachment Backfiring: GOP Polling Memo Shows Public Turning Against Democrat Efforts to...

A memo by the Republican National Committee (RNC) that contains internal GOP polling data shows the American public, even Democrat voters, are turning against the Democrat Party’s “impeachment inquiry” into President Donald Trump. The memo, obtained exclusively by Breitbart News, shows independent voters nationwide en masse oppose impeachment—with 54 percent opposed and only 34 percent…

GOP Raises Nearly $1 Million on Day of Impeachment Announcement

Republicans raked in nearly $1 million on Tuesday as House Democrats prepare to launch a formal impeachment inquiry. A Republican National Committee (RNC) official told the Hill that President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, the RNC, and a joint fundraising committee began fundraising efforts at 2 p.m. and raised nearly $1 million by 8 p.m.— just…

GOP PAC Operator Pleads Guilty to Fraud

Skip to content Consultant raised $10 million, gave $48,400 to politicians A Maryland political consultant who operated at least four political action committees pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges related to a scheme to pocket contributions from donors who thought their money was going toward furthering conservative causes.The largest of the PACs operated by Kelley Rogers was the…

David Koch, Billionaire, Conservative Activist, Philanthropist, Dies At 79

Conservative icon and philanthropist David Koch died at age 79 Friday, his older brother Charles Koch announced in a statement. Last summer, Charles Koch notified officials of Koch Industries, the Koch family’s Kansas-based energy and chemical corporation, that his brother was suffering deteriorating health after he was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer twenty-seven ago. David…
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